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    Pre-registrations for Contra Returns are starting and it's good to secure your spot

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    One of Konami's biggest franchises is making a comeback, this time for mobile audiences. The company revealed the existence of Contra Returns, which has already started pre-registrations on Android and iOS devices. By registering, you'll receive exclusive in-game rewards and, if I were you, guarantee you won't be left out of the action once it starts.

    The title is produced by TiMi Studio Group, responsible for Arena of Valor, Saint Seiya Awakening and even the future Pokémon Unite. The company promises to revolutionize the franchise, bringing new mechanics, current graphics and even new characters. The title is scheduled to arrive in Spain on July 26, 2021, that is, in less than a month.

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    April 1th 2022

    While Contra Returns sounds interesting, fans have every reason to be suspicious of the new venture. The last time we saw anything related to the franchise was Contra: Rogue Corps and I can't say it was a fruitful experience. The review we wrote on its release had a very low rating and the only positive point was the animations.

    Meanwhile, the upcoming release offers 200 brand new levels, skill trees, distinct game modes for everyone to enjoy including PvP between players and parties. In addition, it was also revealed that there will be customization of characters and weapons. Okay, these features may not be new anymore, but let's be glad they're trying and not letting the series die, right? Castlevania and Silent Hill sent a wave.

    Contra Returns has also opened an official website, where you can see all the details of the next mobile action game you will play.

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