Pokemon Unite: Mamoswine Guide. Best items, attacks and tips

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The evolutionary chain consisting of Swinub, Piloswine, and Mamoswine is now available in Pokémon Unite. The new creatures arrived with the latest patch for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. We explain how to get rid of them with the best builds and attacks.

although not do part of the starting Pok√©dex, mamoswine finally joined the cast of playable characters in Pokemon Unite . This new creature released in the fourth generation taking into account the original games comes with very interesting combinations and high damage that will surely make it enter the top of the Tier List. 

Expectations are very high for a species also formed by its initial forms Swinub e Piloswine. be in Nintendo Switch, iOS ou Android, We tell you everything you need to know to play with guarantees: from your best attacks to building recommended items.

The best objects from Mamoswine

Em Pokemon Unite, we have two types of items available. On one side are equipment items. With them we can increase the basic stats of our objects and get some passive effects. 

There are also so-called combat objects. With them we get active effects that we can activate in battle as if they were an additional skill.

equipped items

focus tape

Defense +2 ‚Äď 30

Special Defense +0 ‚Äď 30

Recovers 8/11/14% HP when pokemon is low on health.

Auxiliary Barrier

Health +20 - 600

Grants a shield to the user and nearby ally with less than 20/30/40% of their maximum HP.

Weakness insurance

Health +70 - 210

Attack +0 - 15

When the user of this item takes damage, their own damage is increased by 2 / 2,5 / 3%. The effect stacks each time he receives attacks.

combat item

Eject button

Cooldown: 70 seconds

It allows you to scroll very quickly in the desired direction.

The evolutionary chain of Mamoswine is characterized in Pok√©mon Unite for being part of the category of Tanks . It has good mobility and ensures that when we catch up with opponents they will have a bad time to be able to withstand the challenge. 

A situation that comes with the counterpart that once we enter there will be no way out, but that we will solve with the full build of the Pokémon.

We will focus our equipped items in the use of defensive items. Focus Tape will allow us to withstand more blows and recover life, Auxiliary Barrier gives us resistance when using the Unite Movement and we finally have the Safe Weakness . Recently integrated into the game, this item will allow us to increase our attack without neglecting the increase in resistances.

Finally, the combat items equip Otho Escape at least once a minute, being able to evade our own initiations or catch up with fleeing rivals to connect any of our attacks at maximum range.

Mamoswine's best attacks

To complete the Mamoswine build, we still have to decide which attacks to use.

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Although we can't choose, these are the default abilities of our pokémon

Basic Attack

Every three hits, he performs a charged attack that damages opponents and freezes them for a short time. In addition, it does additional damage to the pokemon's hit.


When dealing damage, he increases his physical and special defense for a short time. After using an ice move, always make a charged attack. Also, it reduces scoring speed if it hits an allied base with these skills.

initial attacks

The best move to start the game.

frozen song

CD: 7 seconds

Throw 3 blocks of ice into the target area, dealing damage to opponents in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčimpact and slowing them. If a Pok√©mon is hit by all blocks of ice, it will be frozen for a short time.

Coldsong is the best initiation attack during early levels. Helps deal with neutral creatures by freezing them, and offers advantages when switching phases in a row.

Final Attacks

The best attacks to complete our skill kit


6 Level

CD: 10 seconds

Throw icicles at the target location. Deals damage and slows enemies. The last piece of ice explodes after a short time or when hit by another move or charged attack. This explosion freezes the area and in case it is destroyed by Tackling or Equine Force, leaves the area covered with small pieces of ice that slow down enemy contact and increase the speed of allies.

Equine Force

8 Level

CD: 8 seconds

Slam violently in the chosen direction, dealing damage and knocking opponents back. After that, he kicks the ground, again dealing damage in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčeffect and immobilizing enemies. Kicking it deals additional damage if opponents are frozen.

united movement

The most powerful attack of our pokemon

heavy iron

The user jumps into the chosen zone and becomes immune to restrictions. It then kicks the ground repeatedly, dealing additional area-of-effect damage and slowing for a short time. The last blow, to hit an opponent, launches him into the air.

Evolution Powerspikes

Pokémon Powerspikes vary according to their evolutions. Typically, these are times when your Pokémon accumulates power all at once and becomes capable of taking on opponents that it wouldn't have been better to challenge at the previous level.

6 Level

Swinu evolves into Piloswine

10 Level

Piloswine evolves into Mamoswine

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