Pokemon Unite: How to play with Crabarack?

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Find out how to use Crabaraque as a defender in Pokémon Unite , the MOBA game by TiMi Studio.

In the upcoming 5v5 Pokémon game, Pokémon Unite, you will have a total of 19 playable Pokémon at the start of the game. There are several roles: Attacker, Defender, Complete, Super Fast and Support.

Now find out how to use the best skills of Crabarack on defense with some very special skills that can help you easily win your games.

Crabarack's Special Attacks in Pokémon Unite

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Special 1

AttackIconDescriptionlevel of improvement
Basic attackThe third attack becomes a boosted attack that deals additional damage and slows enemies' movement speed. 1 Level
landslideDrop large rocks in the designated area. Deals damage and stuns enemies when hit.4 Level
Trash depositOpens a rift in the designated area, dealing damage and creating a stone barrier, preventing enemies from passing through. If used again, the barrier disappears.Level 11: When the skill hits the target, the opposing Pokémon's movement speed is reduced for a short time.
exuviationConverts part of your Defense and Special Defense into Attack and Special Attack and increases your movement speed.Level 11: Increases stat conversion percentage.

Special 2

AttackIconDescriptionlevel of improvement
slicingAttack the enemy with your claws, dealing damage. If the attack is used multiple times in a row on the same Pokémon, the damage will be increased.6 Level
Roc's TrapSend small pieces of rock to the designated area. When the rocks reach their maximum range, they will begin to float, dealing continuous and gradually increasing damage over a period of time in the area.Level 13: Increases the duration of effects and decreases the movement speed of enemies hit for a short time.
Cross WoundAdvance with crossed claws, dealing multiple damage and knocking enemies back. Stuns enemies if they are hit by the attack and hit the bottom.Level 13: Reduced skill cooldown.
Capacity UnitProtects and damages nearby enemies over time while stunning them. When hit by attacks while the skill is active, the caster deals more damage to nearby enemies.9 Level
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