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    Pokémon Unite: How to Download on iOS and Android

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    Pokemon Unite will be released on September 22 on iOS and Android devices. A huge expansion of the target audience that from that moment on will be able to enjoy the MOBA experience inspired by the franchise from compatible cell phones and tablets.

    Although Pokemon Unite have been announced for phones since its launch, iOS and Android users had to be a little more patient than gamers. Nintendo Switch. However, the wait will end on September 22, when the title is finally available for smart devices. A debut for which we can already prepare with the usual system of pre-registration and that it will offer a series of incentives to the players that do it.

    How to register and download Pokémon Unite on mobile

    Pok√©mon Unite pre-registration will offer free player rewards , but only if the condition that a sufficient number of players register before the official release date is met. 

    So if we reach 2,5 million users before launch, we will have an immediate unlock of the Pikachu that we may use with your license. In addition and whenever that number doubles to 5 million, we will also have a free skin for this same pok√©mon.

    Pikachu may be available from the start
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    Also, keep in mind that the game offers crossplay and cross-save. In this way, mobile gamers will be able to share games with those on the Nintendo Switch and even take your progress from one platform to another without too much trouble.

    Pre-registration on Android

    No Google Play (Android), the previous registration makes us receive a notification when the app is activated. This way, it will be easier not to miss a minute of the game after your debut.

    • You can register now on the Play Store

    Pre-registration on iOS

    In the case of players with iOS systems , in addition to the warning, we will also have the option to perform the automatic download as soon as it is available. Your reservation is also available. Of course, we will need a 10.0 operating system.

    • The register is now available on the App Store
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