Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Evolve Buneary into Lopunny

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Buneary returned in the recent Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield DLC, but some players may not be sure how to evolve this stubborn Pokemon.

While initially unavailable to players in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield , Buneary and its evolution, Lopunny, returned to the Pokedex in the ‚ÄúIsle of Armor‚ÄĚ DLC. These rabbit Pok√©mon were introduced in Pok√©mon Diamond and Pok√©mon Pearl with a complicated method to trigger evolution.

Buneary and Lopunny are pure normal types and are capable of learning a variety of moves from many different types. Their cute appearance as well as their bright pink shapes make them perfect for trainers who want strong, fluffy Pokemon to fill their rosters in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Like many Pokémon with complicated evolution conditions, Buneary does not evolve at a specific level. Instead, there are hidden conditions that are needed beforehand for this cute bunny to grow up.

Updated March 30, 2022 by Russ Boswell : While players have access to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl as well as Pokemon Legends: Arceus, there are still some who are embarking on their adventure across the Galar region in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Players have access to many new and interesting Pok√©mon in Galar, but there are still a few mainstays that appear in the title. Buneary is a great example of a classic Pokemon that players might be looking to catch and evolve. But how exactly does Buneary evolve into Lopunny in Pokemon Sword and Shield? To better answer this question and give players a good idea of ‚Äč‚Äčwhat Lopunny is capable of as an evolution, the following guide has been updated with even more information. Look how to evolve Buneary in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to evolve Buneary

Buneary's condition to evolve is through a hidden stat known as friendship. Many other Pokémon have friendship evolutions, such as Golbat, Pichu, Riolu, and Snom. However, what makes Buneary unique is how its base friendship when being picked up or received is 0.

Most Pokémon start with a base friendship of 70 or higher. Since friendship evolutions require Pokémon to level up with a large amount of friendship, this can make evolving Buneary a little more challenging compared to other Pokémon that evolve with friendship.

Fortunately for players, there are many ways to build friendships with your Pokémon. The easiest way, of course, is to just keep it in your group. Just walk around to start building friendships. Passing out and using medicinal herbs on Pokémon will decrease friendship however.

There are some items that can help increase friendship as well. Having a Pokémon holding a bell or catching the Pokémon in a deluxe ball will provide even more friendship income throughout players' Pokémon journeys.

Once Buneary has acquired enough friendship, they will evolve up one level. If the Buneary reaches level 100 without evolving, it can never become a Lopunny, but the chances of a Buneary reaching level 100 without getting enough friendship to evolve is incredibly low, even without increasing friendship items.

Once evolved, we highly recommend teaching Lopunny the Return move, as he becomes more powerful with higher friendship values.

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A look at Buneary and Lopunny stats

Many players who come across Buneary will see it as nothing more than an adorable rabbit-shaped Pok√©mon, disregarding its battle prowess. This is a fair assumption given the Pok√©mon's terrible stats and "useless" abilities. 

The Run Away skill will ensure that he can always successfully flee from battle, which is useful in many situations, but also shows that Buneary isn't exactly built for fighting. His Klutz ability prevents him from holding any item, further tarnishing his usefulness in a team. Here's a look at Buneary's statline:

  • HP : 55
  • Attack : 66
  • Special attack : 44
  • Defense : 44
  • Special Defense : 56
  • Speed : 85
  • Total : 350

Once Buneary reaches the appropriate friendship threshold and transforms into Lopunny, he gains a lot more power and becomes quite viable in battle if used correctly. Although he still retains the Klutz ability, and is unable to hold items, he discards Run Away in favor of Cute Charm. 

This ability causes any Pokémon that comes into contact with Lopunny to be instantly enchanted, giving it the "love" status and causing it to sometimes stop attacking. His hidden ability, Limber, protects him from becoming paralyzed.

Lopunny also gains a decent speed boost. It has no resistance (except a full immunity to Ghost), but it also has only one weakness to Fighting-type moves. See Lopunny's stats:

  • HP : 65
  • Attack : 76
  • Special attack : 54
  • Defense : 84
  • Special Defense : 96
  • Speed : 105
  • Total : 480

The best build for Lopunny

Lopunny can be quite useful on a team, especially in the early to mid game, if players can utilize it properly. Those looking to build a full attack Lopunny should try to find one with a Jolly nature to give it an extra speed boost. 

A solid moveset for Normal-type combines Fake Out, Return, High Jump Kick and Ice Punch or Quick Attack depending on the situation and playstyle. Unfortunately, thanks to Klutz, Lopunny is unable to hold any items.

Pokemon Sword e Shield are now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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