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    Pokémon Snap: The New Japan Trailer Features Six Minutes of Colorful Gameplay

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    Source: Nintendo

    A new trailer has been released for the new Pokémon Snap in Japan, providing us with a beautiful view of the photo simulator.

    Pok√©mon fans rejoiced to see the announcement of the New Pok√©mon Snap, one of many games being released to celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary this year. 

    Ahead of its April 30 release on Nintendo Switch, a six-minute Japanese trailer was released that showcases the photography simulator's mechanics, adorable creatures, and more.

    First released in 1999, Pok√©mon Snap was a first-person simulation game that functioned as a spin-off of Nintendo's main series. 

    The Nintendo 64 title for the first time featured pocket monsters rendered in real-time 3D, where you would play as Todd Snap, a boy tasked with photographing Pok√©mon from a cart. 

    His photos would then be judged by Professor Oak, who rewarded him for capturing them in special poses and situations. 

    Source: Nintendo

    Pokémon Snap was generally well-received, but has become a firm favorite among fandom despite some fans arguing that photographing Pokémon should become the norm in capturing them.

    Our latest look at the New Pok√©mon Snap comes from a Japanese trailer titled 'Lental Region Snap Guide' not to be confused with soup. 

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    April 1th 2022

    Lental Region is where you'll embark on a safari, returning to the buggy once more to snap some stellar photos. 

    The trailer offers photographic advice on how to capture the best images, letting us know that certain actions influence which Pokémon appears (just like the original), and also demonstrates how photos can be advanced editing and also shared with the outside world.

     In addition to the mechanics, the game's colorful and lush environments are also showcased throughout the new images.

    A Japanese commercial for the game confirmed that the legendary Pok√©mon Lugia will make an appearance in the Lental region. 

    It also suggested that underwater photos could be an option, where aquatic Pokémon that lurk under the sea could also be captured on film.

    The new Pokémon Snap will also include night photography, where photographers will have to venture out into the dark to capture nocturnal Pokémon.

    Voiced cutscenes will be another feature of the remake, returning voices for Pok√©mon and human characters instead of the usual text boxes we've seen in current games. 

    The new title will not include a full Pokedex, however there will be over 200 Pokémon to photograph.

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