Pokémon Snap: A Guide to Taking the Perfect Photo

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Learn how to take the perfect photo in new pokemon snap it might take a little practice, but this guide should help speed things up a bit.

Use the search camera in new pokemon snap It's quite simple, although capturing the perfect shot isn't always that simple. In addition to understanding photo composition and the way the game sorts photos, players also need to learn how to make the most of the tools and items at their disposal.

The more players access New Pok√©mon Snap, the more items and upgrades they will unlock. Knowing when and how to use them is extremely important, as is understanding when not to use them. 

Fortunately, these are things players will learn during their journey, though anyone looking to save a little time would do well to research the subject a bit first.


Source: Nintendo

After being submitted to Professor Mirror, the photos are sorted into six main categories, with each one contributing to the photo's grade and final grade. Players should ideally aim for a score of 4.000 or higher, as this is the minimum amount required to earn a diamond rating.

  • 0 - 2.999 - Bronze Classification
  • 3.000 - 3.499 - Silver Classification
  • 3.500 - 3.999 - Gold Classification
  • 4.000+ ‚Äď Diamond Rating

While players should try to satisfy all six criteria when lining up their shots, some categories such as size and pose are much easier to earn points than others and in some cases may even be enough to guarantee a diamond rating. even though the other four categories score poorly. Placement can also be worth another 1.000 points and is therefore definitely worth getting right.

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  • pose ‚Äď Using items and upgrades on or near the Pokemon will often result in unique poses. Capturing them on camera can add up to 2.000 points to the total score.
  • Size ‚Äď The more space a Pok√©mon occupies on the board, the higher the score. Points can be deducted, however, if parts of the Pok√©mon do not appear in the photo.
  • Direction ‚Äď To get a high score in driving, players will need to capture the Pok√©mon while facing the camera. This is usually just a matter of time, though in some cases players may need to lure a Pokemon to a specific location with some Fluffruit or use Melody or Scan to make it spin.
  • Posicionamento ‚Äď The closer to the center of the shot a Pok√©mon is, the higher the placement score.
  • another pokemon ‚Äď Having another Pokemon other than the main target in a shot will grant additional points, although it's important to remember that the size and position of those Pokemon are also important.
  • Background ‚Äď Certain stages have unique features that create impressive backstories, so players should try to make the most of them whenever possible.


Source: Nintendo

When choosing which photos to deliver to Professor Mirror at the end of a race, players will likely notice that each photograph has a star rating of one, two, three, or four. 

Contrary to what some might think, this actually has nothing to do with the quality of the photograph and is determined by what the Pokémon is doing.

Different actions and poses are assigned different star ratings. For some Pok√©mon, finding a new one can be as simple as using Melody to make him dance or throw a Fluffruit at him to make him angry or sad. 

For others, however, players will need to take some pretty specific actions, especially when it comes to four-star photographs. Fortunately, the requests players receive from Todd and other characters often point them in the right direction.


Source: Nintendo
  • Use Scan, Melody, and Items whenever possible to discover unique poses and actions for each Pok√©mon.
  • Pay attention to requests and use them to find new Pokemon and four-star photo opportunities.
  • Increase the speed a little in the options menu to make the camera move a little faster.
  • Use the two analog sticks to quickly pan the camera or track a fast-moving Pok√©mon.
  • After completing the main story, use Burst mode to capture the perfect moment during any fast-paced action.
  • Focus on size above all else, as filling the board with a Pok√©mon can be worth up to 2.000 points.
  • Look up and behind the NEO ONE from time to time to avoid missing out on interesting Pok√©mon interactions.
  • Use funds whenever possible to earn additional points towards the final score.
  • Use Turbo to stay ahead of Pok√©mon that are moving away from NEO ONE for a better driving score.
  • Be ready to shoot a Pok√©mon immediately after using an item, as some of its reactions can be very quick.
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