Pokémon Paleontology Tour Compares Dinosaurs to Monsters

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Japan's National Museum of Nature and Science partners with Pokémon to create a Pokémon Fossil Exhibition that compares monsters to dinosaurs.

Pok√©mon  It's fun and educational, as evidenced by the franchise's latest collaboration with the National Museum of Nature and Science in Japan. The museum recently announced a new traveling Pok√©mon Fossil Exhibition, where attendees can learn about the real-life prehistoric creatures that inspired some of the most beloved Pok√©mon characters. The ‚ÄúPok√©mon Fossil Museum‚ÄĚ will go to various museums across Japan over the next year.

The Pok√©mon Company is celebrating 25 years of the famous franchise in 2021, making this the perfect year to take a look at the history of the fictional creatures and their real-life inspirations. As fans know, the Pok√©mon lineup has grown over the past two decades from 151 monsters to over 800. Each new generation offers players new regions to explore and discover never-before-seen creatures. Many of these monsters bear similarities to real-life animals ‚Äď some may be more recognizable than others. The Tyrunt and Tyrantrum line, for example, closely resembles a Tyrannosaurus. Although a less obvious resemblance, Lileep and Cradily were inspired by fossilized Sea Lillies.

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April 1th 2022

The Pok√©mon Fossil Museum takes an in-depth look at the many Pok√©mon monsters and their prehistoric counterparts, right down to skeletons. The exhibit even features a ‚ÄúDigging Pikachu‚ÄĚ dressed in an adorable paleontologist outfit. Attendees can compare illustrations of real-life Pok√©mon and prehistoric animals, admire full-scale models of Pok√©mon skeletons, and get a look at some real and Pok√©mon fossils. ‚ÄúIn this exhibition, you can compare 'Kaseki Pok√©mon' with 'fossils and paleontology' found in our world, discover similarities and differences, and have fun learning about paleontology,‚ÄĚ says the official website.

The Pokémon Fossil Museum must visit museums across Japan, starting with the Mikasa City Museum in Hokkaido from July 4, 2021 to September 20, 2021. In the fall, the exhibition will move to the Shimane Prefectural Sampei Nature Museum, followed by that of Tokyo National Science Museum in Spring 2022. At this time, the tour is scheduled to end at the Toyohashi Natural History Museum in Aichi in Summer 2022. However, it appears that more dates and locations may be added later.

This paleontology exhibit Pok√©mon looks like an awesome adventure for Pokemon and history lovers, no matter their age. Incorporating the Pok√©mon franchise into educational materials is a great way for children to gain valuable learning experiences in a fun and engaging way.

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