Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks to Help You Catch Them and Complete the Pokedex

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Want to be the best Pokémon Go trainer? Use these 18 essential Pokémon Go tips to make the most of each month

These Pokemon Go tips are useful for everyone, whether you've been playing the hit mobile title since it launched over four years ago, or just recently started it. 

Pok√©mon Go is a game that has surprising depth ‚Äď especially if you haven't played in a few years thanks to the myriad of new features, so we've got 18 crucial Pokemon Go tips for you here.

1. What's in your area?

So you just loaded the Pok√©mon Go and wants to start filling up the Pokedex. While creatures will instantly start spawning around you, you'll want to look at the 'Nearby' menu in the bottom right corner of the screen to find out where. Tap here and you'll immediately get nine Pokestops snapshots in your area and the Pokemon that will appear when you get there. 

Of course, sometimes it will only have a sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčPidgeys, but keep an eye out here as your Pokedex starts to fill up and you can use it to quickly identify where you need to go next. 

This is also where you'll find all the Pok√©mon Raids taking place in your surrounding area, but we'll talk more about them soon. It's important to note that the 'Nearby' menu is currently the only way you can see your surroundings, other than taking a walk.   

2. Go to those Pokestops

The floating blue blocks that you can see scattered around the map are known as Pokestops. They tend to be local landmarks like churches and landmarks and initially came from Niantic's previous game, Ingress. Since launch, they've evolved and you can even sign up for Pokestops authorization. No, asking to add your home doesn't work‚Ķ We tried. 

When you come within range of a Pokestop, you'll get a little information about it, a nice picture, and most importantly, a small pile of new items. This will include a selection of much-needed Poke Balls, revives, potions and other special items. 

As you progress through the levels, these rewards vary more as you unlock better potions and revive. Research tasks will also drop from Pokestops and you'll even receive gifts to send to those on your friends list as a nice postcard reminder of your travels. Or, you know, your walk to work. 

3. No Intrusion Required

You don't have to go straight to a Pok√©mon to catch it. If it appeared on your map in cartoon form, then you just need to tap it with your finger and you will enter the capture screen for Pok√© Ball moves. 

That means you don't have to go to a stranger's garden/car/personal space to retrieve a Pikachu. Ufa. Check out the rest of our failed Pok√©mon Go mythos. 

4. Baits are great

If you can see rose petals falling around a Pokestop, it means someone has attached a lure. You will earn them as you progress through the levels and they are available for purchase in the Shop. Lures mean that the Pok√©mon will be attracted to the area and will be active for 30 minutes. 

The perks can be used by all trainers, so be a good human being and activate at a stop you think most people could get the most out of it. 

You can even see the name of the trainer who donated the bait so you can try to thank them in person. Be on the lookout for community days when baits will last for three hours or more. 

5. Get angry

The Incense item is exceptionally useful if you want to bring the wildest Pokemon to your place. Unlike bait that can be shared, incense means you'll produce a purple cloud for half an hour that will attract the Pokemon just to you. 

This is very useful if you are in an area with Pokemon that you don't normally catch. Go to the beach, pop some incense and you'll immediately attract a lot of water Pokemon. 

You can even see the Pokémon that arrived specifically for the bait. They will have a purple circle around them. If you're using incense or bait, it's good to pair them with a Lucky Egg that will give you double XP for 30 minutes. If you've got all those Pokemon drawn to you, you might as well make the most of XP. Anything else that earns XP will automatically be doubled. Handy!

6. The steps are excellent 

One of the many Pokestops rewards includes eggs. These come in three standard varieties; 2km, 5km and 10km. While there are sometimes special eggs, these three are your regular eye drops. 

You have an infinite incubator in your item bag, so always make sure you use it when you go hiking. You'll find your eggs by swiping right on the Pok√©mon collection screen. Most incubators come in two different flavors. Standard and Super. 

Super incubators reduce the distance needed to walk, but are more expensive to buy at the store. 

Regardless of what type they are, other incubators unfortunately can only be used three times before they break, so be sure to put the shorter distance eggs into your infinite incubator and save longer distances for the breakables. Good old math.

7. Storage Hunters, Here's How To Delete Items From Your Bag In Pokémon Go

Keep up with your items. You have a limited number of item slots and it fills up noticeably if you hit a lot of Pokestops. 

Want to use some bits? Try doling out those Razz Berries to catch Pokemon hard or change their moves with Charged TMs or Fast TMs. If you get tired of spinning icons on Pokestops and hearing that your bag is full, you can upgrade your item space by spending some real money on Pokecoins. 

You can also delete items in your pack by hitting the trash can and selecting how many of those items you'd like to drop to make more room for Pok√© Balls. Keep in mind that you probably don't need as many regular potions when you have super and hyper potions, or revives when you have a lot of max revives, and you'll keep control of your space without much extra investment. 

8. Use public transport wisely to Pokestops and Pokémon


So if you have really fast fingers, you can catch Pokemon from the train or bus. The app doesn't count your trip as steps - unless you're traveling less than 10 mph, but you can still see Pokémon on the map and if you can tap them fast enough, you can capture them from your seat. You'll need to be quick with that Pokeball or they will disappear. Cheaty…

9. Bring a friend

Where would Ash Ketchum be without his Pikachu? The bonds between the trainer and the Pok√©mon are not only beautiful, but also beneficial. Go to your trainer profile and select the ‚ÄúFriend‚ÄĚ option from the menu. Here, you can select any Pok√©mon you've caught as your new hiking partner.

Walking with a friend yields candy for your kind, so it's particularly helpful to pick something rare in your area that you want to develop. Dying for a Charizard, but only caught a Charmander? Set him as your friend and earn Charmander candy just for taking a walk.

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Different species of Pokémon require different distances before you'll earn a candy for your work, so check out our Pokémon Go Friends Walking Distances table to help you make your choice.

10. Time to hit the gym

They've evolved over the years since launch, but Pok√©mon Gyms are where you'll test your Pok√©mon in battle against another trainer's mon. 

Now, while you're not fighting other players directly, it's still a pleasant confrontation. Gyms tend to be train stations or other major landmarks and you'll see them proudly displaying the Pokémon team colors. Yellow for Instinct, red for Valor and blue for Mystic.

Each gym has a Pokestop on top and up to six Pok√©mon inside. If you've arrived at a rival team's gym, you can go in and fight, or train if you're at a friendly gym. Gyms operate on what is called 'Motivation'. Every time you fight a Pokemon, your motivation drops. 

Lower the motivation of each Pokémon in the gym to 0 and you will win the gym. It might look easy, but it takes a long time to get rid of it if you're alone and the gym is full of powerful Pokemon. Advertising

To keep things from being unfair, you can't have more than one of each Pok√©mon type, so you won't find 6 Tyranitar to clear your way. If you pass a friendly gym and there is a free slot, you can leave your Pokemon to fight for your team. However, keep in mind that they will be there at all times. 

You get paid though. For every 10 minutes held, you will earn one coin, up to a maximum of 50 coins per day. 

11. Combat Tips

To fight a Pokemon in the gym, you don't have the same setup as in the standard game. When you arrive in the arena, you only have two types of moves ‚Äď basic and special. To perform your basic attack, all you need to do is tap your Pokemon. Fill the special gauge you can see under your health bar and you can send out your special attack by holding your finger on your Pokemon. You'll also need to dodge incoming attacks, which is just a matter of swiping left and right across the screen. 

12. Level up and evolve your Pokemon

If you want to fight in gyms, you'll have to level up your Pokemon, which means increasing its CP stat. You can do this in the power up section when looking at your individual monsters, a combination of Stardust and Candy will solve the problem. 

You can get Candy when you send back that specific Pok√©mon to Professor Willow, so keep an eye out for that specific Pok√©mon and keep sending them back to earn more. There are large amounts of Candy that will allow you to evolve as well. 

When you evolve your Pokemon, you want it to have as high a CP as possible in order to evolve into an even more powerful beast. 

If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of exactly how much you can level up, put your Pok√©mon's details into an IV calculator such as Pokeassistant. This breaks down all the categories to give you information on the best possible ways to evolve. 

13. Participate in Professor Oak Quests and earn some sweet rewards

If you're one of those over-the-top Pok√©mon Go players, you'll be pleased to know that there's a lot more structure to the way you play these days. Professor Oak broke into the Pok√©mon Go and is presenting a series of challenges that give you concentration to play. There are two types of challenges available in the game. The first ones are Field Research Quests, which you take on Pokestops. 

They include tasks such as winning a certain number of gym battles, participating in a raid, or capturing a certain number of a specific type of Pok√©mon. If you complete seven of them, you'll gain a special Pok√©mon, which always comes equipped with a move that can't normally be learned. 

The second type are special missions. These are preset by the Poke Professor himself and there are eight sets of three quests. If you complete them all ‚Äď and they're not easy ‚Äď you'll get the ultimate reward: your very own Mew. 

14. Try to check in daily to get the most out of the rewards

Another reason to come back to Pok√©mon Go regularly is the fact that there are now daily bonuses. Spinning a Pokestop and catching a Pokemon just once a day really gives you nice rewards, and if you do it every day for a week, there are some even juicier goodies. 

15. Get some friends

It took about two years, but the wait is over. You can now have friends in Pokémon Go. In your trainer's menu, there is a new friends tab that allows you to add friends. You'll see your 12-digit friend code there, and to add someone you'll need their code or to share your own.

Once you become friends, you can send each other gifts containing useful items such as potions and Pok√© Balls daily. Plus, you just pick up the gifts at Pokestops and you can trade them for free. 

16. Pokémon Go Trading is finally here


Part of this new friend system for Pokémon Go includes the option to actually trade Pokémon with your friends. To start trading the Pokémon Go, you need to meet the following requirements:

1) Be friends in Pokémon Go with the person you want to trade with
2) Have a trainer level of 10 or higher
3) Basically being next to the person you want to exchange with in real life, aka within 100m

Other than that, you need to take into account that it costs Stardust to trade Pok√©mon, and a Pok√©mon's HP and CP change when it is traded. 

You can see what the changes will be before trading, but it's worth checking out because you can seriously make a high-level Pokemon change if you're trading with a much lower-level player. However, you cannot trade Mythical Pokemon like Mew, and anything of a Shiny or Legendary variety will be much more expensive and can only be traded once a day. 

17. Leaving your Pokemon to defend a gym is really rewarding

Gym battles are great, but if you see a gym on your team with an open space for a defending Pokémon, it's worth putting one of your higher-level Pokémon there to defend it for a while. Not only will you help increase the gym's ranks, but you'll also receive Pikachu coins for the time you spend there, which you can spend on lovely things like incubators and bag upgrades. Sweet!

18. Raids are an excellent way to get rarer Pokemon

Pok√©mon Go raids are another daily occurrence in Pok√©mon Go these days, and if you want to get some of the rarer Pok√©mon and some of their evolutions, this is a great way to do it. 

They spawn on top of gyms, and the game will tell you what spawned and where. You'll need a Raid Pass (you can use and collect one per day), but after that it's just a case of wandering to the relevant gym when the Raid is live. 

It is important to note, however, that they are complicated. You'll want to gather some friends to fight with you or make sure there are other trainers also joining you for the fight when you get there. 

The difficulty level is marked on masks under the Raid, and while it's possible to take down a level one or two solo, you'll have to recruit some fellow trainers for something harder than that.

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