Pokemon GO should have more global challenges

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O Pokemon GO runs many Research and Collection Special Challenges, but generally speaking, its Global Challenges are underutilized.

As with any live service game, it is important that the Pokemon GO never stop changing. By always running limited-time events with variable rewards and activities, Niantic gives fans plenty of different reasons to keep getting involved with their mobile version of AR in the Pokemon franchise. 

In recent years, the Pokemon GO benefited greatly from seasons, which organize events like Special Research and Collection Challenges together under the roof of a storyline. 

They're great, but interestingly, it doesn't seem like every type of Pokemon GO activity appears in seasons and special events equally. For example, Global Challenges seem pretty underused by Niantic in general.

The premise of a Global Challenge is straightforward: all Pokemon GO players everywhere have a primary goal to achieve, and they share a reward when they complete that goal. 

Pok√©mon GO just held a Global Challenge asking players to send 7 million gifts to each other, and as a reward, fans were able to enjoy a huge bonus Candy earned from Transfers. 

This Global Challenge is great, but Pokemon GO can get more out of the Global Challenge model. Niantic should take a closer look at Global Challenges and find out how it can coordinate different parts of Pokemon GO's international audience as part of more complicated and engaging challenge sets.

Pokémon GO's Global Challenges Have Potential

Global Challenges are a great element of Pok√©mon GO because they make use of a central Pok√©mon theme: teamwork. 

The main series of games is about trainers who have positive working relationships with their Pok√©mon, as well as collaborating with each other to protect the world from harm. 

Global Challenges give Pokémon GO players the chance to feel like a great team. However, many of these challenges are quite simple, presenting a single objective that Pokemon GO players race together. As a result, Global Challenges are fleeting and often not really very challenging.

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Ideally, future Pok√©mon GO Global Challenges will make more use of the game's different regions. For example, a Global Challenge might give the Americas an objective related to completing Research Tasks, while players in Asia and the Pacific need to capture a certain number of Pok√©mon. 

Additionally, regions can unlock rewards for each other rather than for themselves, giving Pokemon GO players a stronger sense of contributing to each other. 

Both rewards and challenges can change as these events unfold, creating a greater challenge to motivate players. The Global Challenge 2018 has already divided Pokémon GO players into distinct regions, so Niantic just needs to diversify the activities that the Global Challenges offer.

More challenges in Pokemon GO

Making Global Challenges short but tiered a common event in Pokemon GO would be especially valuable because it gives players a new type of event to interact with. 

In addition to Special Research, Pok√©mon GO players often receive Collection Challenges, and not everyone is interested in collecting a specific list of Pok√©mon, as some of them can be very difficult to obtain, regardless of the increase in spawn rates. 

Collection Challenges are a nice occasional feature of Pokémon GO, as they also represent a core aspect of Pokémon, but should share the stage with Global Challenges a little more often.

It remains to be seen whether Niantic itself has any particular interest in running more Global Challenges. Niantic might see Global Challenges as a tool to reserve for major Pokemon GO events, which would make sense to some extent, but it still feels like a waste. 

I hope the 2022 Valentine's Day Global Challenge is evidence to the contrary, suggesting that Niantic is willing to start using Global Challenges more casually. 

If these events become more common, we hope that Niantic will find ways to give Pokemon GO players more unique and demanding goals to complete as a community.

Pok√©mon GO is now available for Android and iOS devices.

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