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    Pokémon Go: Reveals New Information on Route Badges, NPC Dialogue, and Comparison Challenges

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    Most of the new information built into the Route Maker already discovered is hidden in the Pokémon Go data.

    A new datamine from Pokémon Go revealed details on some potential new features for the game, including lane emblems and matchmaking challenges.

    Pok√©mon Go will celebrate its fifth anniversary this summer. It might not seem like as many people are playing it as they were in the summer of 2016, but 2020 Pok√©mon Go had its best year yet. 

    Niantic has kept the game popular by constantly adding new features, and that looks set to continue through the latest datamine courtesy of The Silph Road.

    Route Maker previously discovered in Pok√©mon Go now has other related assets including Route Badges. 

    These badges appear to be awarded similarly to the in-game gym badges, meaning you'll be able to earn multiple versions of the same badge for completing multiple routes. 

    You will also receive a Route Stamp for each stop you make on the route. The routes will consist of Pokestops and Gyms.

    Font: Pokémon Go
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    A new set of NPC dialogue has also been added to the game. While it is very similar to the dialogue already used by Team Rocket members, it is much more general and also seems to be related to Route Maps and Route Badges. 

    It is possible that a new Team Rocket member will be added regarding the new routes feature.

    Perhaps the most interesting finding of all is something called the comparison challenge. Trainers will be tasked with comparing their Pokemon to another and the winner will be decided on a certain stat. 

    That stat can be weight, height, max HP, or even how much time has passed since you caught the Pokemon. 

    Little else is known about these new challenges at the moment. Comparisons can be against Pokémon from other trainers, or maybe this new NPC.

    Fortunately, these features haven't been added yet, as Team Rocket encounters were disabled over the weekend with no explanation. 

    Pok√©mon Go Rivals Week also starts soon, and you can check out everything you need to know about it in this handy guide. 

    A busy schedule, as usual, for Pokémon Go, and one that's only going to get busier as we approach its big birthday.

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