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    Pokémon GO players are reporting 7-day repeat bans

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    Some Pokémon GO players are unable to play due to repeated 7-day bans immediately after logging into the game.

    Pok√©mon GO is still going strong after being a mainstream cultural phenomenon all summer of 2016 when it was released. Pok√©mon GO has maintained a dedicated fanbase that has spent countless hours catching and improving their favorite Pok√©mon, but now players are getting caught in a banning cycle.

    Pokémon GO is no stranger to bans, legitimate or otherwise. Developer Niantic said earlier this year that it banned more than 1 million cheaters last year, while in June of the same year the company mistakenly issued bans to players playing on iPhone who had done nothing wrong. Pokémon GO is in the midst of its Spring into Spring event, which sees a lot of new updates coming to the game, but some players are unable to join in the fun because they are being hit by what they say are unfair bans.

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    April 1th 2022

    Players are now claiming that after receiving a standard 7-day ban, they are re-entering the game to find that they are immediately being hit with an additional 7-day ban, sometimes up to four times in a row. Speaking to Eurogamer, some of the Pokemon GO players affected by the repeated bans admit they deserve the initial 7-day ban, while others claim they don't, but there's no way to verify these claims.

    Regardless of how legitimate the initial ban is for these players, repeat bans do not follow Niantic's three-strike anti-cheat policy. The policy states that for a player's first cheating infraction, they will receive a 7-day ban followed by a 30-day ban for a second offense and a full ban for a third. What is happening to these Pokémon GO players is not in line with this, especially when they are being banned after not being able to log into the game in the last 7 days.

    Regardless of whether or not players deserve the initial 7-day ban, it's unfortunate to see players being affected so severely by what appears to be a bug in Niantic's anti-cheating measures. This is all especially unfortunate when bans are preventing players from accessing accounts where they have invested countless hours and possibly money. It's good that Niantic has measures in place to combat the tide of cheaters playing Pokémon GO, but hopefully, some fine-tuning to their systems will fix the problem for these players and ensure it doesn't happen to other players in the future as well.

    Pok√©mon GO  is available for Android and iOS.

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