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    Pokemon GO: How to heal your Pokemons

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    Battles against Team GO Rocket, Raid Bosses, and Gyms can take a lot from players' Pokémon teams in Pokémon GO, so here's how to heal them.

    Players in Pokémon GO will likely spend half their time catching Pokémon, with the other half fighting. There are many situations that require Pokémon battles, but it can really affect the participating Pokémon.

    When a Pokémon faints in Pokémon GO, it cannot be used in battle or placed in a gym. Injured Pokémon also cannot be placed in gyms, which means players are recommended to keep all of their Pokémon in good shape.

    The only way to wake up a Pokémon from fainting and heal an injured Pokémon is by using items. Fortunately for players, these items are easy to acquire from Gyms, PokeStops, and various other means.

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    Potions, Super Potions, Hyper Potions, and Max Potions are items that restore players' Pokémon's HP. They each restore different amounts of a Pokémon's HP and can only be used once before depleting. They cannot be used on a fainted Pokémon, however, players need to use a Revive or Max Revive.

    All of these items can be received via PokeStops and Spinning Gyms. This makes it easier for players who pass through multiple PokeStops and Gyms to build up a stockpile of items that can help keep their teams stocked. Other methods that allow players to obtain many healing items include:

    • Defeating Raid Bosses
    • Completing Research Tasks
    • opening gifts from friends
    • Rewards for leveling up

    If players are not interested in these methods, they can also purchase Max Potions directly from the Pokémon GO in-game store. The pack costs 200 Pokecoins for 10 max Potions. Players may also have a chance to get a Potion or two from the free daily crate in the shop.

    While healing items are important and especially useful after marathon raids or battles with Team GO Rocket, they are not useful for everything. Unlike mainline Pokémon games, players are completely unable to use Potions and other healing items while in battle. There are no methods to heal Pokémon in battle as of yet, which means players will need to wait until the battle is complete before healing their team.

    Fortunately for PvP players in GO Battle League, fighting other players, the game will not require healing items afterwards. This allows players to marathon through the GO Battle League if they wish, without worrying about increasing their team's HP between each battle.

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