Pokémon GO: How To Get Rare Candys

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Rare Candy has been around since the first generation of Pokémon games and the item can be obtained in Pokémon GO through various means.

The Rare Candy item was first introduced in the late 90s with Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue, allowing trainers to use it on any of their Pokémon to quickly level up without having to gain experience by fighting other creatures. It's an easy way to make a Pokémon evolve without wasting time battling to gain experience, but unfortunately, the item isn't that common, even in the mobile iteration of Pokémon, Pokémon GO.

In mainline games, players were rewarded with Rare Candy sometimes for completing certain objectives or they can be found in certain locations. Pokémon GO is a different story though, offering players several different methods to unlock the item.

Special Research Tasks

One way Pokémon GO players can obtain Rare Candys is by completing Special Research Tasks. The item will not be a reward for everyone, but trainers may get lucky and have the item available as a potential reward. Be sure to check these tasks often to see what you can get.

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A different method to collect Rare Candys in Pokémon GO is to simply walk a lot. The game rewards players depending on how far they traveled on foot while playing the mobile title. Rewards are normally given out weekly and if a player manages to get more than 25 km there is a small chance of being awarded the item.

Raid battles

Raid Battles is a feature in Pokémon GO that was added after launch that allows trainers to team up with other IRL players to fight great Pokémon trainers. Players should keep an eye out for these Raid Battles on their map and try to fight as much as they can. If a battle is won, there is a chance to catch up to 12 Rare Candys at once, which can be the most efficient way to collect these items, if you have strong enough Pokemon of course.

What does Rare Candy do in Pokémon GO?

And for those wondering what Rare Candy does in Pokémon GO, it's essentially a type of candy that can be used to feed any species of Pokémon to help it level up or evolve it. Candy should be used on rarer Pokemon that are less likely to be seen in the wild, as getting candy for them is more challenging than, say, getting candy for a Pidgey or Rattata.

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