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    Pokémon GO: How to face Yveltal in Raids

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    Pok√©mon GO reveals curtain Yveltal , the destruction Pok√©mon ! He will finally make his debut in the Raids of level 5 starting at 10 am on May 18th until 10 am on June 1st !

    Under the best conditions, it will be possible to face Pok√©mon destruction in 2160 PL , while, as far as the weakest version it will be possible to face, the legendary will have a good 2073 PL . 

    Furthermore, if there is fog or wind , it will be possible to find the Pok√©mon much improved compared to the original state, and its PL can reach a maximum 2.701 PL with a minimum of 2.591 PL .

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    We remind you that Yveltal is a Flying and Dark type Pok√©mon, so its weak points will be the types Rock, Electric, Goblin e Ice . In case the weather conditions are rainy or partly cloudy, the Rock and Electro types can offer you the best performance. 

    Among the best representatives of these types are, without a doubt, Zekrom , Thundurus form totem , Ramps , Rhyperior , elective e Raikou . Enjoying Mega evolution , MegaManectric e MegaAmpharos are also recommended.

    Finally, here is a summary of the features of Yveltal in Pok√©mon GO that might be useful to you, made by the guys from Pokemon GO!

    Image Credits: Pokémon GO Raid Italy

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