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    Pokemon GO: How to defeat Regigigas

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    What are the best counterattacks to defeat Regigigas in Raids in Pokémon GO? Here's our guide so you can easily capture it.

    Regigigas appears in five-star raids, or raids, from Thursday, June 17 at 10 am to Sunday, June 20 at 20 pm, for the first time in chromatic form in the Pok√©mon GO thanks to the Solstice themed event.

    Regigias Raid: brilliant and information

    Regigias is available in a glossy version on Pokémon GO. So don't hesitate to make several forays until it's shiny.

    Regular Regigigas
    Shiny Regigigas

    How to beat Regigigas in Raid?

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    Normal type, Regigas is very weak against Pokemon and Fighting type attacks. Therefore, you should favor Pokemon of that type on your team or with attacks of that type. Here are some examples of Pokemon that are very strong against Regigigas and the best attacks to give them:


    Counter-attack and auditory sphere

    Competition durr

    Counter and dynamic punch


    Counter - attack and ring of fire


    Counter and dynamic punch


    Counter and dynamic punch


    Counter and dynamic punch

    Cobalion, Breloom, Mega Gengar, Mewtwo, Emboar, Heracross, or even Mega-Lopunny are also very good Pokémon against Regigigas.

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