Pokemon Go Golem: Weak points, better movesets

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Generation one Rock-type Pok√©mon has been a hot topic in Pok√©mon Go recently. As a new month has arrived, a lot of players are planning to take this 'mon down with ease ‚Äď but you'll only be able to do that with the right counters! 

Pok√©mon Go is full of Pok√©mon powerful and imposing weapons that can do serious damage to your team. We see this every month with the launch of new raids and Team Rocket Pok√©mon.

Golem is one of many monsters that can be a threat to your team, but understanding how to easily take him down will be highly beneficial for you during your Go trials.

Let's run over the best Pokémon to fight the G directly, along with the movesets you should use with them!

The Pokémon Company

Golem is the ultimate evolution of Geodude!

What type is Golem?

Before we get into the counters to use, it's best to check the Golem's type so you know which moves work best against that Pokémon. Golem currently supports Ground/Rock dual typing, and has been since it was introduced in the first generation.

What is the Golem's weakness in Pokémon Go?

Since it has a dual Rock/Ground typing, it has an ample amount of weaknesses. Golem can take super-effective damage with Grass and Water-type moves. It is also weak to Fighting, Ground, Steel, and Ice-type moves, making Golem a very vulnerable Pokémon to fight.

The Pokémon Company

Golem has a variety of weaknesses in Go

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At the same time, it is also resistant to various types, such as Electric and Flying!

Golem counters in Pokemon Go

If you're looking to make meeting a Golem easier, there are certain Pokémon that we can recommend you use in battle.

These Pokémon will take advantage of the Golem's many weaknesses and deal immense damage to it during a fight.

PokémonFast movementload movementSprite
SkepticalBullet seedFrenzy plant
BreloomBullet seedgrass knot
roseradeRazor LeafSolar Beam

The best Golem moveset in Pokemon Go

Now that you've defeated one G successfully, you may have one in your party and are now looking to optimize your moveset for future use. Below are the best moves you can use on the Golem to maximize your effectiveness in battle.

  • Fast movement -  mud shooting or rock throwing
  • Charge Move ‚Äď  Earthquake, Stone Edge ou Rock Blast

Can Golem be Brilliant in Pokémon Go?


Glowing Golem has a slightly different hue than its regular form.

Yes! G actually has a shiny variant that players can get when they are playing Pokemon Go. However, like any other shiny Pok√©mon, it is quite rare to find it, so it will take some time before you find one.

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