Pokémon Go Friend Codes: What They Are, How to Find Them, and How to Share Them

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Wow, 400+ codes, more than enough to fill your friends list!

We've compiled and created this resource to teach you everything you need to know about friend codes from Pok√©mon GO . We'll cover how to find them, what they are, and we'll also collect a bunch of them (feel free to add your own) in the comments below!

the friends of Pok√©mon GO can help you win gifts, collect stickers, exchange Pok√©mon and battle in domestic leagues. 

In fact, it's more important now than ever to keep your friends list active and participate with friends. If you're in need of new items but can't seem to get to several Pokestops or gyms, being able to count on your friends and exchange gifts for items is the best chance you have to keep the game relevant and active.

How to add a friend in Pokémon GO?

Add friends Pok√©mon GO It's very easy ‚Äď you just need to click on your player icon and then click on Add Friend. In this tab, you can see your trainer's code, which can be given to others via social media or text message. 

You can enter a trainer code to add a friend or connect to Facebook to add your friends from there. If you prefer QR codes, go to the QR tab to scan or share your friend code Pokémon GO.

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Pokémon Go added the ability to set your status as Online or Offline, to tell your friends that you are playing in the app and can be asked for Trainer Battles or to team up in Raid Battles. This is useful when looking for people to play with and seeing who is active on your friends list. Pokémon GO. It's good to make your friends list clear from time to time.

You can also see the distance traveled by a trainer, the amount of Pok√©mon they have caught, and the number of battles they have won. 

These details are with your current level and your friend. Each friend has a friend level, displayed in hearts, which only increases as you give them gifts. Moving up in friend levels can give you XP and more benefits for being a friend.

What bonus will I get from Pokémon GO friends?

If you click on a friend's heart level, you can see the bonuses you receive from that friend, including trade bonuses and gym or raid battles to help you bond with them. If you have someone you want to trade with, getting your friend's bonus in advance can really cut costs and help you out in the long run.

For the trade, this will give you a bigger Stardust discount when it comes to trading Pokemon during Gym Battles/Raid Battles. This will increase your Attack while earning you extra Premier Balls for catching a defeated Raid Pokémon.

You may also need to add friends Pok√©mon GO to complete different field missions. The purpose of this post is mainly to get other friends to add to the game, so leave a comment below with your trainer's code, that way we can add you and keep playing despite the current times. 

Oh, and make sure you send all the good stickers my way as I really enjoy seeing them and never seem to have enough to send.

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