Pokémon GO: Free Promo Codes (June 2021)

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June is finally here, both in the real world and in the Pokémon GO, this is the complete list of currently active promo codes that players can redeem in June.

Another month has passed in Pok√©mon GO , bringing lots of new content to eager players in June 2021. The month already has promising events ahead, such as the Gible Community Day , the introduction of Mega Slowbro and a Bidoof-based event.

While events help players to obtain many valuable items to Pok√©mon GO , there are also many ways for players to get free items outside of events. 

Through the use of promotional codes provided by third parties, players can enter them in the in-game store and get free items. These items range from useful items for encounters and Pokémon of players, as well as limited-time cosmetic items for trainer avatars.

To enter any promo code, players need to open their Pokémon GO app and enter the in-game store. By scrolling to the bottom, players will be able to find a text box where players can enter and confirm their code. Typically, codes can only be used once per account.

Unfortunately, as of June 1, 2021, there are no active redeemable promo codes on Pok√©mon GO . It is entirely possible that more codes will be released later this month, but the likelihood of that happening is unknown.

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While there is no code that can be used in the game at the moment, there are still ways for players to easily earn free in-game items. These methods do not require any code entry, although their availability may vary depending on player actions.

Upon entering the store Pok√©mon GO , players can claim a free Daily Box every day. This crate usually contains items like Poke Balls or Potions, both of which are incredibly useful for most players.

After May 31, 2021, players can also claim an Event Crate for free. It contains fifteen Ultra Balls, fifteen Pinap Berries, and a Remote Raid Pass. Unlike the Daily Crate, the Event Crate can only be redeemed once due to the high value of its contents.

With Pok√©mon GO recently having a sponsored event available only through promo codes, recently with the Verizon Special Weekend Event , it is not known when another will occur. 

However, considering how many players from Pok√©mon GO were prevented from participating in the event for not being users of the Verizon, it's entirely possible that event tickets distributed via promotional codes won't happen again anytime soon. 

Hopefully more regular promo codes will be released in the future with longer redemption windows.

Pok√©mon GO  is available for Android e iOS.

Image Credits:  Niantic, Inc.

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