Pok√©mon GO: A Very Slow Discovery ‚Äď Field Research Tasks and Rewards

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Fonte: Niantic, Inc.

the coaches of Pokémon GO who want to complete the event A Very Slow Discovery have many field research tasks ahead, as well as many rewards.

The first case of Pokemon GO 's Season of Discovery officially kicks off today with a very slow discovery . This event mainly focuses on the beloved Pok√©mon Slowpoke, other lazy Pok√©mon, and even some active ones.

As far as Field Research Tasks are concerned, trainers Pok√©mon GO have a handful in front of you. While some of them focus on catching and evolving Pok√©mon, others give players the daunting task of completing Raids in a timely manner. 

Although the Pok√©mon relaxed, coaches may not want to delay too long, as Very Slow Discovery only runs until June 13 .


Fonte: Niantic, Inc.

In all, there are nine tasks to complete and, as expected, some very slow rewards. That said, many of the tasks help each other out, such as the many Slowpoke received from encounters that could then be developed. 

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Also, some of these crosses with the Collect Challenge for A Very Slow Discovery and the Special Raid Weekend Coming June 12 , which means that if trainers play their cards correctly, they can eliminate multiple event tasks at once.

Here are all the field research tasks and rewards for a very slow discovery:

  • Catch 8 Psychic-type Pok√©mon - Slowpoke Encounter
  • Catch 8 Water-type Pok√©mon - Slowpoke encounter
  • Evolve 3 Slowpoke - Slowpoke encounter
  • Evolve a Pokemon ‚Äď 1 Kings Rock
  • Evolve a Psychic-type Pok√©mon - Slowpoke Encounter, Shellder Encounter
  • Evolua um Slowpoke ‚Äď 20 Mega Slowbro Energy
  • D√™ 3 goodies to Your Friend ‚Äď Gulpin Encounter
  • Win a raid in less than 10 minutes ‚Äď Slakoth Encounter
  • Win a raid in under 60 seconds - Slowpoke Encounter

In any case, one thing made clear by this slow event is the way forward, as focusing solely on capturing and developing Slowpoke is the most efficient way to complete most tasks. 

Of course, trainers expecting a quick attack against Mega Slowbro should think twice before stepping in unprepared. A battle against dual Water and Psychic types will go by so slow without any Bug, Dark, Grass, Electric or Ghost type with the right moves and decent CP.

This doesn't mean trainers are stuck with Slowbro alone. As stated before, the event focuses on several lazy Pokemon, increasing their spawn rates as well. In addition to Slowpoke, Trainers can also expect to see the likes of Psyduck, Gulpin, and more as they explore the landscape in Pokémon GO.

Pok√©mon GO  is available for Android e iOS.

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