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    Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Where to find Cresselia and how to catch her

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    Cresselia is one of the legendaries available in Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl, as well as in its original form. We will teach you how to find and capture it through our guide dedicated to Pokémon number 488 in the National Pokédex.

    The Sinnoh region in Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl is home to many legendary creatures. There we find in particular the three beings of the lakes, those of the old generations through the Rosa Rugosa Park and also other creatures such as the imposing cresselia.

    How to get Cresselia

    After unlocking the National Pok√©dex, go back to Canal City and head to Casa del Marinero Ruperto, which is next to the pier. We will see the young man plunge into a nightmare and then he will utter a sentence about Darkrai. While this is not yet available in the remakes, it is closely related to Cresselia in Pok√©mon lore itself.

    After talking to the boy, go to the pier where the sailor will ask us to ir to Full Moon Island. Accept the request to take us there.

    On the island, there is not much to do, except to follow the small path that leads to the interior, where Cresselia awaits us. We will have to interact with him so that he disappears and we move on. Now what you need to do is take the Moon Grief and start from there.

    Since you're a neighbor, take the opportunity to wake up the penitentiary. Once that's done, go find Cresselia.

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    Like Mesprit, Cresselia is a runaway Pok√©mon and won't hesitate to leave you in the dark if you don't catch it directly. However, there are ways to prevent him from running away, such as the Trap Shadow talent that Wobbuffet has or the attack confusing Bolt learned by Pok√©mon such as Golbat or Crobat. After taking this into account, we will have to take the frame map and we'll have to juggle two areas until we're in the same area as us.

    Important information to fight Cresselia

    To help you prepare for her fight, here are the different attacks, as well as Cresselia's level and talent.


    type: psychic

    Ability: Levitation

    Level: 50


    - confusion

    ‚Äď Double team

    ‚Äď Sacred Veil

    ‚Äď fog

    Like all other legendaries, he is susceptible to attacks that can paralyze - lo e I hindered it. Also, using Rapid Balls, Turn Balls, and Dark Balls (at night) will make capturing easier, although the fight can be long. It can also be useful to have a Pok√©mon with False Swipe, although we have to take into account that it can run away if we don't stop it first, so it's up to us to see how we do it.

    Formas de Cresselia

    Here are Cresselia's forms, her normal form, and also her glowing form.

    Cresselia in normal form
    Cresselia in bright shape

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