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    Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: Where to find the nursery and how it works

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    Leaving Pokémon in the Nursery in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is how Trainers can get Pokémon Eggs. Here's everything to know about it.

    Pok√©mon breeding is a part of the Pok√©mon series gameplay that is used to obtain eggs. In Diamond/Pearl, Trainers could pay to drop off their Pok√©mon at Pok√©mon Day Care. In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl , the cr√®che was replaced by a nursery. Despite having similar mechanics, there are some differences.

    Anyone who wants more than one Pok√©mon of a certain species should use the Nursery. Some Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are extremely rare and tedious to capture. So it's easier to catch the Pokemon and breed it with another Pokemon from the same Egg Group, or a Ditto.

    Where and what is the Pokémon Nursery?

    Upon arriving in Hearthome City, Trainers will not be able to fight Fantina until they have the third and fourth Gym Emblems. They will then be taken along Route 209 to reach the town of Veilstone, but there is a town between Hearthome and Veilstone.

    Pokemon Nursery is located in Solaceon Town , which is the first city coach that will arrive before reaching Veilstone. To get there, take the exit on the right. from Hearthome City to get to Route 209 . Go to north on Route 209 to reach Solaceon Town.

    Fortunately, Pokemon Nursery isn't hard to find. IT IS the house northeast of Solaceon next to an area surrounded by Pok√©mon . While Pokemon Nursery is worth checking out, trainers can also visit the house at right of Pokemon Center and receive Heart Scales by completing daily tasks.

    Specifically, the Pokemon Nursery will let trainers raise two Pok√©mon of compatible species . Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl players can get Eggs from certain NPCs (the walker in Hearthome and Riley on Iron Island), but Nursery is for those who want a specific Pok√©mon that doesn't exist in the wild, or is hard to catch.

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    Inside is the Pokemon Nursery Lady. She will take care of a trainer's Pok√©mon for 500 Pok√©mon Dollars, or two Pok√©mon for 1.000 Pok√©mon Dollars. Unlike the Day Care of previous generations, Pok√©mon left in the Nursery will not level up or learn new moves . Because of that, it's free when taking Pok√©mon back from the nursery.

    Getting Pokemon Eggs

    Pokémon will breed with other Pokémon if they meet the following criteria:

    • One parent Pok√©mon must be male, the other must be female.
    • OU one Parent Pok√©mon can be male or female, and the other Parent Pok√©mon must be Ditto.
    • Both Pok√©mon must share an Egg Group.

    Pok√©mon that are left in the nursery and share the same Trainer ID are less likely to produce eggs . However, obtaining Morimoto's Egg Charm on Route 213 (post-game only) increases the chance of Pokemon Eggs appearing in Pokemon Nursery.

    Talk to the Pokemon Nursery Man outside the Nursery to check the Pokemon's status or to get an egg (if any). If he says‚ÄĚ The two prefer to play with other Pok√©mon more than with each other. ‚Äú, then the Pok√©mon will not produce an egg. This occurs if the Pok√©mon are of the same sex, do not have groups of compatible eggs ou I should be both the same .

    The Pokemon will produce but Eggs if they're from same species and have different Trainer IDs . However, as long as two Pok√©mon share a Group of Eggs, they will still produce Eggs, but the possibilities are much smaller.

    Brilliant Diamond Pok√©mon e Pok√©mon shining pearl are now available on Nintendo Switch.

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