Pokémon BDSP: How to Evolve Yanma into Yanmaga

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Yanmega is a Pokémon that has a special evolution method in Pokémon BDSP. Players will need to teach their Yanma the Ancient Power move.

Yanma is one of many Pok√©mon to receive an evolution with Yanmega in Pok√©mon Brilliant Diamond e Shining Pearl . When the original games launched back on the Nintendo DS, gamers were eager to step into an entirely new roster of Pok√©mon to catch. 

To the surprise of many, some of this generation's best Pok√©mon are evolutions of Pok√©mon from previous games. 

For example, players can now evolve their Piloswine into Mamoswine, an incredibly powerful Ground/Ice-type Pokémon. Yanma is also a Pokémon originated from Pokémon Gold and Silver that obtained a new evolution into Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. With these new evolutions come entirely new ways to evolve Pokémon in general.

First, players will need to capture Yanma and evolve him. Yanmega is a Pok√©mon that does not appear in the overworld for players to catch. The only way to get it is through evolution or trading. To find Yanma, players will need to head to the Great Swamp. 

Has a 20% chance to spawn regardless of the weather situation. This is the only location it will spawn in other than spawning in the Grand Underground. He will appear from level 20 to level 26, making him super easy to capture for players who have reached post-game.

To evolve Yanma into Yanmega in Pok√©mon Diamond and Pearl, players must first teach Yanma the move 'Ancient Power'. Fortunately, players don't have to do much to obtain Ancient Power. 

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Yanma will learn Ancient Power at level 33. Once the move is learned, players just need to level up one more time and it will evolve into Yanmega. However, there may be situations where Yanma has already surpassed level 33 and has no Ancient Power.

All the Ways to Learn Moves in Pokémon BDSP

It is possible for Diamond and Pearl players to capture a Yanma that appeared in the Grand Underground above level 33. If this happens, players will need to take the Yanma to the Movement Relearner to relearn the moves. 

This NPC can be found south of the Great Swamp and will teach you the Ancient Power of Yanma. The Move Relearner will only teach the Trainer's Pokémon an old move if it provides a Heart Scale.

Heart Scales are valuable items for many NPCs in the Sinnoh region and many will pay a lot for them. In the case of Move Relearner, players can give him 10 10 Heart Scales to learn the moves. After sending 10 heart scales, it will no longer carry the player.

Trainers can also find Heart Scales while mining in the Grand Underground. Use it to teach Yanma Ancient Power and add Yanmega to the collection.

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