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    Pokémon BDSP: How to Evolve Snorunt into Froslass or Glalie

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    Players can choose to evolve their Snorunt into Glalie or Froslass in Pokémon BDSP. Players will need to confirm their Snorunt's gender first.

    Players must choose between evolving Snorunt into Glalie or Froslass in Pok√©mon Brilliant Diamond e Shining Pearl . As players progress through the Sinnoh region, they will need to consider which Pok√©mon they want to join the team. In the case of Snorunt and its evolutions, it can be a valuable type of ice to have on the team. 

    Both Pok√©mon have unique evolutionary methods and players looking to capture them will have to find another Snorunt in the wild or by breeding. While Snorunt and Glalie originally hail from pokemon ruby from Sapphire , Froslass was added as a new evolution in Pok√©mon Diamond and Pearl.

    To get started, players need to find a Snorunt first. Finding a Snorunt can be very difficult due to its low spawn rate, but there are two different ways to get one. 

    Players can use the Pok√© Rader, an item that allows players to find Pok√©mon in hidden patches of grass, to find Snorunt on Route 216, 217, and Acuity Lakefront. 

    As another option, players can also find Snorunt as a rare spawn inside the Grand Underground in Icy Cave and Glacial Cave. 

    Players can look on their Grand Underground map to find exactly where these burrows are located. They are highlighted with an ice icon on the map. Parts of the Grand Underground can also be accessed by reaching new areas in the overworld.

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    Since Snorunt can evolve into two different Pok√©mon, players must decide which one they want to prioritize first. Glalie is a mono-Ice Pok√©mon, while Frolass is a Ghost/Ice Pok√©mon. Froslass is the more difficult to obtain of the two, as it requires an item to evolve. 

    Glalie just needs to continue leveling up as normal. Regardless, players will need to collect both to complete their National Dex. Players will need to take a look at their Pokémon's gender to find out which one it can evolve into. Trainers can access the pause menu and select the Snorunt summary to see their gender.

    Choosing Glalie Or Frolass In Pokémon BDSP

    • Selecting Glalie: Players who choose Glalie will need to level up their Snorunt to level 42. There are several different ways to level up quickly in Pok√©mon BDSP. Use them to reach this level and evolve into Glalie.
    • Selecting Froslass: Players who choose Glalie will need to have a female Snorunt. At any time, players can give them the Dawn Stone item to evolve it into Froslass. This item is also used to evolve a male Kirlia into a Gallade.

    Fortunately, players can find Glalie in the same areas as Snorunt, making her easier to obtain than Froslass. Glalie is weak to Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel-type moves, but can resist Ice-type moves. 

    Froslass is weak to Dark, Fire, Ghost, Steel, and Rock-type Pokémon, but can resist Fighting, Ice, Bug, Normal, and Poison attacks. Ultimately, players should take a look at their team composition to see if Glalie or Froslass is a better fit.

    Pok√©mon Brilliant Diamond e Shining Pearl j√° are available on Nintendo Switch.

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