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    PlayStation State of Play goes live this Thursday

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    Sony's lack of an online-only E3 presence at this year's E3 made us wonder when we'd get an update from the company. While we doubt this state of play matches Sony's previous EXNUMX presentations, it's still something, and we're happy to see that an update is just days away.

    According to the announcement post, published on the PlayStation Blog earlier today, State of Play will give us a nine-minute look at the world of Deathloop. Released in September, Deathloop is a PlayStation-exclusive title from Bethesda that gives the first-person action genre a twist in time. We look forward to learning a little more about it.

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    But that's not all: the game state will be around 30 minutes long. It looks like the rest of the show will focus on upcoming independent and third-party titles. New announcements aren't off the cards, but it's likely that we'll get some updates on previously announced games.

    Sony has made it very clear that we won't get any information about the God of War sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, or the new PSVR headset (and, presumably, games for it). So if you were specifically hoping for updates on them, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

    You can tune in to State of Play on Twitch or YouTube on Thursday, July 8th. We will have updates on everything that has been announced after the show.

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