PlayStation may have more exclusives released for PC

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PlayStation is set to continue its trend of bringing some of its original releases to the PC platform next month when Days Gone launches on Steam. Ahead of that time, however, a new page on Valve's platform has now appeared close to launch, which could indicate that more PlayStation titles could be hitting the market soon. While PlayStation itself has yet to announce anything official, it seems that it won't be long before new development associated with the PC can emerge.

Source: Official Days Gone game page on Steam

A few days ago, a new official page for PlayStation Studios appeared on Steam. At the moment, the page itself is not very vast and only contains listings of a few titles associated with the company that have come to PC. Of these games, Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn are certainly the most notable games appearing on the list.

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What makes the page a little more interesting is the “About” section. As per this part of the page, 41 pieces of content (which includes full games and DLC's) are available from PlayStation Studios on Steam. When you total up the actual amount of content that can be right now, however, it only adds up to 24. So clearly this seems to suggest that PlayStation Studios may have already started loading hidden pages for future games that could be coming to PC.

The notion that PlayStation as a whole will continue to bring games to this platform is something we've heard a lot about this year. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said earlier this year that Sony will add more titles to PC in the future. While that initiative is just getting started this year with Days Gone, Ryan told fans to "stay tuned" for when there's more to share.

While E3 2021 is set to take place next month, PlayStation itself won't be involved in the event, making it a little difficult to know when we'll be able to hear more from the publisher about future PC releases.

We hope that more PlayStation titles can come to PC as soon as possible. And you, which PlayStation exclusive would you like to see on PC? Let us know, comment below. Take care and until next time!

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