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    PlayStation games may soon generate hints to help gamers

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    A new patent for Sony suggests that the PlayStation will fetch data from crowdsourcing of players to build guides to help when others have difficulties.

    A number of new features that  Sony recently started to implement in the systems PlayStation have made progress towards allowing consoles to help gamers without having to stray too far from the gaming experience. 

    One of the hardware developer's newest patents, in particular, looks like it might be combining with another patent from the PS5  to guide players through difficult areas in different games.

    If the Sony whether or not to implement this new feature in the PS4 and PS5 It's not exactly clear through the patent text, but it's more likely to come exclusively to next-gen consoles at this point. 

    Regardless, the way this new patent works means it could mean more popular games that have more players to extract data at once, so its success could be tied to sales of the system it appears on.

    According to the language of the patent, the Sony is looking to extract multiplayer data to build maps and guides based on the experiences shared across multiple playthroughs. 

    Essentially, the system will start tracking when an encounter or activity has started and then build a guide for new players based on the information and mechanisms others have used to complete the activity. 

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    This appears to be a less active version of using the updated clip-sharing patent from the PS5 to guide player behavior with crowdsourced data as opposed to an individual experience.

    The patent also appears to measure a player's readiness for a specific activity, possibly by assessing their skill, but more likely by informing whether a key component necessary for progress is missing. 

    This could come along with some of Sony's patents improving player skill and trying to determine what kind of help players need based on their individual skill level. 

    Therefore, players with superior skills may not even find these resources if they are not having consistent issues with any particular activity, although they can still add collected data.

    None of this is new to the hardware developer, as many patents from Sony already aim to help players in a number of different ways, from video guides to matching new players with experts. For new players, this kind of guide building crowdsourced can make some of the more confusing aspects of certain games easier without being stuck for too long. 

    However, making the Sony Extract data from aspects as small as how winning a specific activity can be worrying for some players in the age of greater online safety.

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