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    PlayStation confirms involvement in Summer Game Fest

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    Although once again skip the E3the PlayStation will be one of the official partners of the Game Summer Fest, although it is unclear what it will show.

    After skipping E3 2019, and making plans to skip E3 2020 before it had to be canceled anyway, it came as no surprise to learn that Sony wouldn't be attending either. E3 2021 . 

    What is somewhat surprising, however, is that he, or more specifically, the PlayStation  will be part of this year's Summer Game Fest, which will take place partially at the same time as this year's E3 event.

    This was revealed in a Twitter post earlier today from the official Twitter account. Game Summer Fest, which confirmed that more than 30 partners will be in attendance, and among them is PlayStation . While that means there will be announcements and updates related to PlayStation titles, there's no official information on what exactly this will bring to the table.

    At the very least, a quick look at the Summer Game Fest schedule shows that, unlike the Ubisoft and EA, she won't be doing her own presentation, like a special State of Play. It is also unlikely that Sony intends to make any major announcements during the event. 

    Probably not only would I prefer to do it during an event of my own, organizer Geoff Keighley, in a statement to the VGC, urged people to keep their expectations in check.

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    "I think there will be some good games that we'll see, but I would also manage expectations that things have been delayed. I know fans want to go back to the E3 all-out onslaught of true insanity, and I think there will be good things, but I think it's going to take a while. a little bit for things to grow.”

    At best, Sony will likely provide updates on upcoming releases. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart , their next big exclusive, will be released for the PlayStation 5 a day after the start of Summer Game Fest, so it's safe to assume it will receive a final trailer before launch. Whether Sony intends to hold a grand E3-like State of Play this summer, it hasn't announced that yet.

    It's official: #SummerGameFest returns starting on Thursday, June 10.

    Here's a first look at the more than 30 partners that will be updating fans this year with video game news and announcements. More to be announced!

    More at

    — Summer Game Fest (@summergamefest) May 19, 2021

    Despite everything, this summer is going to be an incredibly busy time. Between Summer Game Fest and E3, there are sure to be announcements that will excite viewers. Summer Game Fest alone has a pedigree of partners, ranging from the likes of Annapurna and Dotemu to major publishers like Capcom, Sega and even Microsoft.

    Perhaps the most notable omission is the Nintendo, who also rejected last year's Summer Game Fest. He's apparently going to have a major presence at E3, with fans speculating, hoping he'll have new trailers for  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2  e  Metroid Prime 4 .

    Summer Game Fest was initially conceived last year to fill the void left by the cancellation of E3. There was some speculation as to whether E3 would still be necessary, with perhaps Summer Game Fest becoming the new replacement. For now, though, it looks like everyone will be able to enjoy both.

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