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    PlayStation 5: PS5 shortage could continue into 2022, according to Sony

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    A Sony reportedly told analysts that he expects consoles PlayStation 5 be scarce until next year.

    “I don't think demand is slowing this year and even if we secure a lot more devices and produce a lot more units than PlayStation 5 next year, our supply would not be able to keep up with demand,” CFO Hiroki Totoki said at a briefing with analysts last week, according to Bloomberg .

    Earlier, the CFO had said during an investor call following his latest results that he was “unlikely” to fully resolve the supply issues within the immediate time frame.

    Totoki said that Sony is considering various solutions to help you deal with the scarcity global hardware component, including possible alteration of hardware designs or sourcing from sub-vendors.

    Source: PlayStation

    “As I said before, our goal is to have more sales volume than the PS4 [during the 2nd year]. But can we dramatically increase the supply? No, that is not likely,” he said.

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    “The shortage of semiconductors is one factor, but there are other factors that will impact production volume. So at the moment, we would like to aim to [beat] second year sales of 14,8 million, which was the second year of the PS4. ”

    In its latest financial results published on May 5, the Sony reported that the PS5 sales number is slightly ahead of where the PS4 was during the same period (7,8 million against 7,6 million). She said her current goal for the PS5's second fiscal year is to exceed the 14,8 million PS4 consoles under management.

    According to the Taiwanese business website  DigiTimes , one way the corporation could handle the demand is through a redesign of the PS5's hardware.

    The site stated this month that vendors are planning to start producing the redesigned PS5, which will come with a "new semi-custom" 6nm CPU from AMD, between QXNUMX and QXNUMX of next year.

    Sony's comments follow warnings from Sony Microsoft during her own financial results this month, in which she said she expects the Xbox Series X/S continue in the coming months.

    the president of Nintendo , Shuntaro Furukawa, also said this month that the global semiconductor shortage is hampering its Switch .

    During a press conference following the publication of its latest earnings results, Furukawa admitted that the company is not able to make as many consoles as it would like, and that there is "a growing sense of uncertainty" about its production capacity.

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