Player gets the ant stuck on the monitor

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Reddit user UpvoteKitties finds an ant stuck on his laptop screen, with little chance of getting out. Reddit users crack jokes and offer help.

In a world where bugs are found in most games at some point one would think the computer screen would be safe as well as falling off. This was not the case for Reddit user UpvotesKitties, who found an ant that somehow managed to get stuck between the glass and the screen itself.

How the ant found itself inside the screen no one knows. Insects are attracted to heat, and while the screen does get hot, it's surprising that the ant didn't simply move to the CPU. UpvotesKitties can be found by flicking it back and forth with your finger.

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April 1th 2022

While it's sad that the ant could get stuck on the screen and possibly die, the effect on the machine will also be apparent. What would look like a smear of dead pixels would forever haunt the user of the machine and make for a strange story to be told.

An ant is stuck inside my monitor and I CAN’T GET RID OF IT from mildlyinfuriating

Reddit wasted no time on the cheesy jokes, with many mentioning putting up a bug report. One user suggested using Microsoft Visual Studio to help with debugging. Some offered real help, saying they should turn off the machine and see if they could get out on their own, or using a flashlight, as some insects are sensitive to light. However, with the amount of light coming from the screen, this may not have any effect. 

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