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    Pickle Rick arrives in Rainbow Six Siege and makes the crowd happy

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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege would have a crossover with Rick and Morty, it was no secret to anyone, as Ubisoft itself revealed this a little while ago. However, what fans didn't expect is to see Pickle Rick himself as a playable skin and fully armed to defeat the game's special agents. In addition to his arrival, the producer also revealed the Sledge Gromfromite skin.

    While Smoke Pickle Rick arrives with the ideal equipment for the character's survival in the sewers, as happened in the episode of the cartoon, you will be able to obtain the mouse head helmet, a skin for the portal gun, a weapon skin and the amulet of the character. Let's agree, the ideal to escape family therapies.

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    Sledge Gromfromite brings the alien race attire, in addition to a Galactic Federation skin, Sledge's M590A1 weapon skin and a Seal Team Rick amulet. Both packages will be available in the game from today, April 15, 2021. To purchase them in Rainbow Six Siege, it will be very simple. Just enter the virtual store within the title itself and buy each content pack for 2160 R6 Credits, in-game currency.

    The title has never gone that far and apparently it will draw a lot of attention with even more absurd crossovers from here. If you're hoping for more Ubisoft craziness, you better start playing. The producer guarantees that it will not be the only exclusive content in Season 6, which also brought Resident Evil previously to tactical operations.

    Today, Rainbow Six Siege is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and computers and has just arrived for the next generation, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

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