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    Phantom Abyss announced with early access date

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    It's always a nice change of pace when first-person games are about things other than shooting. Phantom Abyss, a new asynchronous multiplayer platformer courtesy of publisher Devolver Digital, is set to launch in Early Access this June. The game looks fantastic, so it seems like the right time to start getting excited when it's available.

    Phantom Abyss pushes players into procedurally generated temples for the purpose of obtaining relics. Of course, these temples are full of dangerous traps. Bottomless chasms, spiked death rows, and giant whirling blades are just a few of the nasty surprises waiting to slice you into tiny pieces. But you will not die alone. You will be able to see the specters of other players who have walked the same paths as you, giving you some hints on how you will survive the dangerous situation you find yourself in. But be careful, for when you die, this temple will be lost forever.

    Source: Official game page on Steam
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    April 1th 2022

    As you explore the temples in Phantom Abyss, you will acquire keys from chests that are used to go deeper into dangerous temples. There you'll find better relics, but bigger threats. You will also find treasures that can be offered in exchange for blessings. So it's a platform rogue-lite.

    Check out the official trailer for the game below.

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