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    PentanetGG makes history by becoming the first team in its region to exit the group stage

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    O PentanetGG, from Oceanian League of Legends, made history this weekend by becoming the first team in their region to exit the group stage of a major international tournament. The team secured their spot on the last day of the group stage, after a big tiebreaker win over UnicĂłrnios do Amor.

    Pentanet arrived on the last day with a mountain to climb. Beside Unicorns of Love, the team was left with a paltry 1-3 record, although considering both sides were sharing a group with Royal Never Give Up, this was to be expected. 

    With an impeccable series of performances by the Chinese representative, it was a dispute between Father e LCL about which region would advance. After some intense games, it was the Pentanet that came out on top.

    Fonte: PentanetGG
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    April 1th 2022

    the teams Father traditionally falter at the first hurdle during international events. Prior to Pentanet's progression to the rumble stage of MSI, it was almost a miracle of the Legacy Sports during last year's Worlds play-in stage that set the standard for future representatives.

    This, unfortunately, would become a daunting task for future teams. The OCE region was decimated late last year following the announcement that the Oceanic Pro League would be dissolved by Riot Games

    Additionally, many of the region's top players were subsequently snapped up by US organizations after the import rule was changed to grant them immediate residency.

    However, with the rebirth of the region's league in the form of the League of Legends Circuit Oceania, it was an adventure between the ESL and Guinevere Capital, those left behind were once again able to make it to the Rift. without the support of Riot, and with only minimal funding compared to other regions, the oppressed history of Pentanet it's even more impressive. Yes, the boys.

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