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    Owen's best loadout in Warzone | Best SMG for range

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    A Owen Gun is exceptionally capable of range for an SMG, and you should level one. Here is Owen's best loadout, this loadout you will delete general...

    While the Owen Gun might not be the fastest SMG, it has fantastic range and can be a really viable mid-range support weapon. It also has a fairly low recoil, so it should appeal to a wide selection of players. 

    In this guide we will introduce you to the best Owen loadout and accessories and the right secondary weapon to use with her.

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    The best Owen gun attachment setup

    We're pushing Owen into the middle ground with this build. | © Activision Blizzard
    ComponentsAccessoryUnlock level
    SnoutM1929 silencer47
    BarrilHockenson 142mm Fast34
    OpticalG16 2,5x5
    Stockremoved stock43
    Magazine62 Gorenko drums 72 round25
    rear handlefabric fist46
    Benefit 2Fast36

    We opted for range and accuracy over the usual handling and speed characteristics of the SMG . In doing so, we sacrifice the sub-20m dominance that SMGs often enjoy, but we get an SMG that acts like an AR. This allows us to use something more specifically ranged as a secondary weapon. The G16 might seem like too much even for a mid-range weapon, so swap it out for the Slate Reflector if that's the case.

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