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With Jeff Kaplan leaving Blizzard Entertainment, what does this mean for the future of Overwatch with its change in leadership? Aaron Keller will take on the role of Game Director and discusses what to expect in the year ahead and even briefly discusses Overwatch 2.

With Jeff Kaplan saying goodbye to the Overwatch team and Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch gets a new Game Director, Aaron Keller. As shocking as it is to see Kaplan depart, the change in leadership is unlikely to have any drastic effects on the future of the popular FPS.

As an original member of the team, Keller has been working alongside Kaplan since early in development. He's been a part of Blizzard itself for eighteen years. He has also worked on other titles such as World of Warcraft in the past. Keller is anything but new on the scene, promising a future as bright as what his predecessor envisioned.

Fans will be sad to no longer hear “Hey guys, it's Jeff from the Overwatch team” at the start of beloved developer updates. It will be interesting, however, to see the direction they take the game. With Overwatch 2 well under way, the baseline and general path for where the game is heading should be pretty clear by now. Rest assured, you will still see the game evolve and improve as intended going forward.

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As part of the announcement of Overwatch's change in leadership, Keller also briefly discussed the sequel and its speed of development following BlizzConline. He ensures that development is going well, even in the midst of a change in leadership. Keller also stated that they have a lot of updates to the original game lined up. He plans to share details about the upcoming game next year. It won't be released in 2021, however.

The new Game Director hopes to provide more frequent updates on the expected title. After the team went dark for almost an entire year on the subject, it's good to know that they intend to communicate more with the player base in the near future.

Help us thank Jeff Kaplan for being the Mercy to our Genji. Thank you for always daring to see the world as it could be.

Also, help us welcome Aaron Keller as Overwatch's new Game Director. We can't wait to continue fighting for the future with you.

➡️ https://t.co/119g1mIh4M pic.twitter.com/w2Pmq3sBKn

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) April 20, 2021

Despite today we say goodbye to one of our favorite faces in the gaming industry, the future of the game still looks positive. If you haven't already purchased a copy of the game, now is the time to get started, available on all major platforms.

What do you think of Overwatch's leadership change?

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