Overwatch: How to level up faster

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Want to know how to level up quickly in Overwatch? Here's a rundown of everything you need to do to climb to the top and claim your loot boxes.

Leveling up is an essential part of any game, and Blizzard's flagship FPS, Overwatch, is no different.

While the grind seems endless for newer players, there are a few tips and tricks to level up quickly and in turn unlock competitive play and a series of loot boxes.

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So without further ado, here's how to level up fast in Overwatch and grab some free loot boxes and cosmetics.

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Do you want to be the best? Here's how to level up quickly.

How to level up quickly in Overwatch

Working on any game can be an arduous task, but luckily we have a few different ways to maximize the amount of XP you'll receive.

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Here's how to level up quickly in Overwatch:

  • Play Quick Play (QP): os  Fast game queue times are typically shorter, which means you can get in and out of games much faster, and in turn earn buckets of XP.
  • Try Competitive: While the cooldowns are likely to be longer and the competition tougher, Competitive play gives you a lot more XP than the other game modes.
    • Remember that you need to be in the  level 25  to unlock this mode.
  • Play priority classes:  if you are a DPS player, you will notice that the queue wait times are much longer. Playing Tank or Support will get you into the game faster, so you can play more games and get more XP.
  • Go for gold:  keep an eye on the prize as performing the gold medal will increase your amount of XP.
  • One game a day:  playing a game every day will net you a 1.500 XP bonus as it is the first game of the day.
  • Or maybe a few more games:  in addition to earning bonus XP on the first game, continuing to play back-to-back matches will earn you even more.
  • You do well with a little help from your friends:  playing with friends automatically earns you 20% more XP in all game modes.
  • Be nice:  giving endorsements at the end of a match is literally free XP – and will likely make the player you praise smile too.
  • Don't quit games!:  Even if your team is losing a lot, you will earn 300XP for completing a match. Additionally, the system penalizes you for leaving matches, reducing your XP gain by 75% – so don't let pride get the better of you!
Blizzard Entertainment

Use these tips and you'll end up with a bunch of them!

How to get free reward boxes in Overwatch

For every level you earn, you will be rewarded with a free loot box. These little bundles of joy contain four different rewards, which can range from skins to credits.

Leveling up is the best way to accumulate these treasures, but you can also receive a free loot box:

  • first time you log in during a seasonal event .
    • These crates are inspired by the specific event and typically have a higher chance of dropping themed cosmetics.
  • Using the broken pay. This requires players to use real-life coins.
    • By $4,99 / ÂŁ4,99 / BRL 27,80 each players can buy one legendary loot box and five normal loot boxes , granting a legendary item.

So this is how you level up fast in Overwatch and get some free reward boxes! 

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