Overwatch: How to get Ana's new 'Haroeris' skin

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Overwatch has released a new Ana skin exclusive to Summer Showdown, and we have all the information about the new Haroeris skin, and how you can get it for yourself.

One of the coolest additions to the 2021 Overwatch League season was the addition of exclusive skins for each stage of the season, and for the Summer Showdown it's Ana's turn in the spotlight.

The Egyptian sniper is already a fan favorite, and this new skin should definitely be a hit with main Ana as it gives her what could be the coolest model for her Biotic Rifle.

The blazing eye of Haroeris blesses your battles 👁

Celebrate the Summer Showdown with this legendary Ana skin!

🔥 Available NOW 🔥 pic.twitter.com/ZZCT1rralp

— Overwatch League (@overwatchleague) July 6, 2021

In addition to having a literal sword as a bayonet, Ana is also decked out in a plain set of silver and gold armor with various feather and foot motifs that have been turned into claws.

If you're like us and wondering where the heck Blizzard got the inspiration for this skin from, it's as easy as looking at ancient Egyptian mythology.

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Haroeris is the Egyptian god of the sky, with one eye representing the sun and the other the moon. This is probably why one of Ana's eyes is glowing red - although it looks more like a terminator than a representation of celestial objects.

If you want to get Haroeris Ana for yourself, it will cost you 200 OWL Tokens to do this, so I hope you're saving up watching the last few matches.

Blizzard Entertainment

Ana mains, eat your heart.

If you want this Ana skin, make sure you get it before July, 19, when it will go into the Blizzard vault along with all the other OWL exclusive skins from the past.

As we mentioned, this is a skin that every Ana player is likely to pick up, if they haven't already. If you don't have enough OWL tokens, don't freak out or take out your credit card just yet, as there are still a few weekends left to play before Haroeris Ana is gone for good.

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

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