Overwatch 2: New Director Discusses Whether Blizzard Is Considering a Battle Pass

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Although the director of Overwatch 2 does not confirm a Battle Pass for the sequel, it discusses Blizzard's values ​​and intentions for in-game content.

Despite having all the hallmarks of a live service game, there is one thing missing from Overwatch compared to its contemporaries: a Battle Pass. 

Almost every other game of its kind has one, where each “season” adds swathes of new content that must be unlocked through regular, constant play sessions. 

Overwatch never did that, so naturally the sequel's new director,  Overwatch 2 , was asked about the possibility of receiving a Battle Pass.

Source: PlayStation

Speaking to GameSpot, director Aaron Keller (who took over after the departure of Jeff Kaplan ) could not confirm or deny whether or not Overwatch 2 will follow other examples and incorporate a Battle Pass. 

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Instead, he chose to explain the values ​​of the Blizzard, which affect the design process, and stated that the team's goal is to ensure there is a constant stream of updates.

There's still a lot more fans are in the dark about Overwatch 2. Despite being announced in 2019 with a cinematic story trailer and gameplay trailer, there have been very few updates on it, with the most urgent being the release date. 

Considering the little presence it had in the BlizzCon this year , there are suspicions that at least it will not be released this year.

What is known is that it will feature all new PvE co-op modes, including a story-based mission mode. The first game lacks anything resembling a single-player campaign, so the sequel will finally flesh out the world and characters within the game rather than through other media. 

It will also run concurrently with the first  Overwatch , allowing players from both games to interact and play against each other.

Overwatch 2  is in development for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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