Outriders: Is There Romance?

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Outriders features a diverse cast of characters with interesting backstories, so naturally many players look for romantic options with them.

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Outriders  is packed with features that gamers love. From the crossplay features in Outriders to the ability to manipulate the world's level to make the game easier or harder, it feels handcrafted to be an enjoyable experience for all players.

At the same time, the world is well-developed and full of unique characters, each with interesting stories and personalities. 

As players and Outrider get to know these characters, one thought will no doubt cross their minds: Is there romance in the game? Unfortunately, the short answer to that question is a hard no, as players cannot be romantically involved with any of the characters.

Romance in RPGs like Outriders has become more and more common over time. 

From iconic games like Mass Effect, which allows players to romance with a ton of characters, to others like Assassin's Creed, which sprinkle character romance options throughout the game, it's something many gamers look forward to.

For many players, romance is the last thing on their minds as they play through the early parts of Outriders, but that can change after players complete one of the first side quests. 

After entering Hound territory to avenge Mr. Chang the Outrider meets Eva L贸pez, another merchant who promises the player discounts on their inventory. 

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When shopping at this vendor, the Outrider and Eva grow closer, and the romantic tension between the two is palpable. The scene has already made many people notice.

Source: Outriders Youtube

The lack of romance options was common knowledge even before the full game was released. In an interview (Game Director) Bartosz Kmita of People CanFly and Szymon Barchan (Senior Narrative Designer) shared information about Outriders and how players would be able to interact with them. 

When asked whether or not there would be romance options, they said, 鈥淲e are not creating a game about love stories.

Our world is a little different, more brutal and gritty, and they have different problems. Survival is the problem, not romance now. This stance is made very clear by certain characters in the game like Jakub and Shira, both of whom remind the Outrider often that they are barely moving.

While players may be disappointed by the lack of romance options among the Outriders, there's something to be gained from investing in each character's backstory and getting close to them. 

Using the example above, if players never redeem Eva, they will not have access to your exclusive discount shop. 

Other characters in the game also have quests that offer great rewards, so players are encouraged to interact with these characters.

Outriders already  is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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