Outriders: Common beginner mistakes

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Outriders provided a fresh take on the looter-shooter genre. Here are some common mistakes new players should avoid.

The looter-shooter niche seemed to be well-populated, with franchises like Destiny, The Division, and Borderlands having set standards for the genre over the past decade. Despite these brilliant games, the arrival of Outriders proved that there was still room for new and innovative ideas, both in terms of gameplay and world-building.

A co-op-focused shooter with RPG elements, this game has a lot going for it. Players are drawn to its smooth weapons and intriguing characters. Plus, the unique skills tied to each of the classes can turn the game upside down. When starting Outriders, however, players tend to make certain mistakes. This includes errors strictly related to the game, as well as errors typical of newcomers to the looter-shooter genre.

Not Paying Attention to Class Choice

With four classes to choose from in Outriders, the decision made at the start of the adventure is more important than players may think. This is a change from the vast majority of online-only titles. In most of these games, people can be frivolous with the class they've chosen and mold it into an entirely different style of play.

In Outriders, it doesn't work like that. Choosing a class means players are stuck with it and, more importantly, the style recommended in the description. Things like anomaly and healing abilities are based on each specific class, so players who want to drastically alter the way they play the game would be better off creating a new character.

Setting the World Tier Too High

There's no shame in playing at a lower level than the highest available. In fact, playing the game at level 15 without the necessary experience and skills is a surefire way to quickly get frustrated and fed up with Outriders.

It's a perfectly viable strategy for beginners to lower the World Tier. This allows the player to collect items to help them survive tougher enemies in higher World Tiers. In fact, it's a great way to level up your character and maximize your skill tree to prepare for more challenges.

Setting the World Tier Too Low

On the other hand, playing Outriders at a low level indefinitely might not be the best choice either. Players who do this may find it easy to get through the campaign, but may experience problems during the end game.

Finding co-op partners through matchmaking at lower world tiers will result in having to play with beginners who don't have access to Expeditions, which are a big part of the end game. This results in repeating the beats of history indefinitely. Secondly, playing at a World Tier lower than 5 means players will not encounter any Legendary loot during the game.

Using Items That Do Not Fit the Player's Class

Each class of Outriders has its own most effective set of gear. This equipment can promote a specific playstyle, grant more damage, or improve various Anomaly abilities. Knowing the weapon type best suited for your class can make getting used to Outriders much easier for new players.

For example, using a sniper rifle like Trickster or Devastator is a terrible idea. These classes are best suited for dealing with long-term damage. Adhering to the recommended playstyle can provide many useful benefits.

Trying to “Save” Anomaly Skills for Tough Fights

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Anomaly abilities are at the heart of the Outriders' appeal to looter-sniper fans. However, these skills are more than just updating the gameplay. They are absolutely essential for any player who wants to succeed in Outriders, regardless of whether they are playing solo or as a team.

Many beginners try to “save” them for more difficult enemies. This is a big mistake. Players should use Anomaly abilities whenever possible. They help destroy hordes of enemies and don't take long to regenerate. Refraining from using them will not only limit the player's enjoyment, it will also make certain stages impossible to overcome.

Catching All Drops

Inventory in Outriders, as in most games of this type, is limited. This leads many newcomers to believe that they shouldn't take every bit of loot that comes their way, even if it's just to conserve that precious space.

However, it is by no means the way to approach this problem. Every item in the loot is valuable, even for characters equipped exclusively with legendary items. This is because players can disassemble items and turn them into parts, which they can later use to craft and trade with merchants. Players must pick up everything along the way and rummage through the inventory to dismantle useless items. It is a better method of saving space and also generating revenue in the game.

Not Making Full Use of the Equipment's Advantages

A lot of equipment in Outriders, especially some of the armor pieces, have unique perks that can enhance some Anomaly abilities. It is very important to note these characteristics along with the armor rating as they can profoundly affect gameplay.

For example, armor pieces with Trickster class perks can grant space-time bending qualities to Anomaly abilities that didn't previously have them. In certain cases, it may be worth sacrificing some armor points for highly powerful perks.

Failure to Understand the Mechanics of Healing

The healing mechanic in Outriders is another thing that sets the game apart from its direct competitors. Instead of using items or self-healing to restore HP, players can heal themselves by adhering to the recommended playstyle for their class.

Each class of Outriders heals differently. A Trickster will recover health when performing close-range kills, while the Technomancer will heal when dealing long-range damage. Passive healing is also available, but relying on it can quickly sidetrack players.

Ignoring the Power of Melee

For most marksmen, melee strikes are an option of last resort. Most players use this tactic when they run out of ammo or when an enemy gets too close. In Outriders, however, combining quick melee attacks with gunplay can yield some surprising results.

Certain classes are better equipped to deploy melee attacks frequently than others. The Trickster, for example, can combine melee with the Hunt the Prey Anomaly skill. This allows them to quickly appear behind the enemy's back and kill them almost instantly.

Disregarding History and Knowledge

It can be difficult to appreciate the scale and magnitude of the Outriders' rich history and lore elements when players have so much to get used to in terms of gameplay elements and class management. Players struggling with game server issues can also skip the story.

However, players should not skip cutscenes or avoid reading journal updates. Doing so forces the player to forgo many important aspects of the Outriders experience. The main story has its fans and enemies, but there's no denying that the world created by People Can Fly and Square Enix is ​​unique, interesting, and definitely worthy of in-depth exploration.

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