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    Outriders: 5 settings to tweak in-game

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    Outriders finally arrived after some delays. The game has many settings that can affect how you play. Some are obvious; some are not. Needless to say, these things are a matter of taste, but I've found the following tweaks to make my time in Enoch more enjoyable.

    Here are five settings I wish I knew when I started Outriders.

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    Minimum Rarity of Auto Loot

    As with every farm or loot-based game, this is done all the time, Outriders features a color-coded item ranking system:

    • white (common)
    • green (uncommon)
    • blue (rare)
    • purple (epic)
    • Orange (legendary)

    Outriders includes a system of automatic serve for LOOTS. You can set it up so that when you're quickly walking around the map, it automatically picks up items with a minimum quality you choose. If you want to catch everything, set it to common. But you can adjust the level as per your preference.

    Set automatic worlds leveling

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    The difficulty in Outriders is dictated by so-called "world levels", a leveling system that complements your character's progress. Level 1 is “story” difficulty, 3 is “normal”, 5 is “expert”, all up to 15 (“madness”). If you're playing at, say, world level 4, you need to earn enough experience points to level up to level 5; you will have to earn enough at level 5 to reach level 6; and so on. Each new level makes enemies more difficult, but also allows you to earn and equip better gear.

    Enable Crossplay

    The Outriders demo offered crossplay play between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in beta, but you had to turn it on manually. In the full game, crossplay is enabled by default. If you prefer to play only with people on the same platform, be sure to turn it off manually.

    When the crossplay game works, it's a lot of fun, but during the demo I experienced more frequent disconnections while playing with a three-platform team, when playing with just one other PS5 player the connection was better. I haven't had a chance to fully test the game crossplay yet, but developer People Can Fly says there are currently issues regarding the console and PC parts.

    Camera smoothing cutscenes

    One of the main complaints raised in the Outriders demo focused on the cutscenes. They were very unstable, gamers said, reminiscent of an action movie shot with handheld cameras. People Can Fly acknowledged the issue and said a fix was planned for release.

    Now in full game you have some resource. If you increase the cinematic camera smoothing, you can stabilize the camera. On the PlayStation 5, I've found that setting it to 0,50 does the trick, but make sure you play around with the settings until you find what works for you.

    Turn down the Voice Volume

    Seriously, why is everyone screaming in this game? Recommended to turn down the volume of the game's voices.

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