One of the best indie PC games of 2021 is now available on mobile devices

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Townscaper, one of the top-rated indie PC games of 2021, is now available on iOS and Android. If you are a gamer who likes to play for hours on end in creative games like Minecraft or Cities Skylines, you should check out Townscaper. This adorable standalone city builder was first released on Steam in August 2021, but is now available for iOS and Android devices worldwide.

Townscaper is also a pretty game to look at, featuring a delightfully colorful art style reminiscent of something you might find in an old children's book or a particularly experimental progressive rock album.

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April 1th 2022
Source: Official game page on Steam

Available for purchase on mobile devices via the App Store or Google Play Store, Townscaper has received over 10.000 positive reviews on its native Steam platform, securing an “Incredibly Positive” rating, placing it among the top-rated indie titles of the year. , and can now be played on some of the best phones available today.

The way you play is also definitely simple. Choose a color from the palette and place the blocks on the canvas the way you want. Townscaper's modeling algorithm, according to the store page, does the rest of the work, forming buildings like houses, churches, arches, bridges, and more based on your block's overall shape.

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