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Fonte: No Man's Sky

Without a good multi-tool, you won't get very far in No Man's Sky. Here's everything you need to know about this all-in-one device.

No Man's Sky has everything you would expect from a game set in outer space: starships, space exosuits, aliens, quintillion planets, star systems and a vast array of otherworldly species and materials. 

Like any game that relies on exploration, it provides players with a tool that will help them with specific tasks; In case of No Man's Sky, this function goes to the Multi-Tool . You can use the Multi-Tool for a wide variety of things: scanning, as a weapon, for mining and gathering resources, and for terraforming the land.

The first version of this item you get will be very basic.  It will have a specific amount of upgrade slots, and once you've filled them with all the options to choose from, you should know which upgrades to keep. This is why upgrading is a significant part of your multitool, as it will help you do more with it.


Fonte: No Man’s Sky

New (and much better) Multi-Tools than the ones you started at the beginning of the game can be purchased at different Space Stations ; you just need to find one multi-tool technology trader, that will sell new models. You can also buy a new multi-tool from Space Anomaly.

Better Multi-Tools can also be found at Outposts or may be granted to you by a NPC really generous. Multi-tools with standard functions and even modules already installed can be purchased with units.

As with spaceships, each Space Station has a certain amount of standard Multi-Tool models, with their respective classes and number of slots, so you can only receive a limited number of Multi-Tools each time you load before they do. are repeated.


Fonte: No Man’s Sky

However, if you want to upgrade what you already have, go to update station multiple tools. There, you can upgrade your multi-tool's class to increase its performance in exchange for a certain number of nanites.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to upgrade your multitool:

  • To install each module, you will need a book slot and the correct materials.
  • You can buy new Anomaly functions (in exchange for Recovered Data)


Fonte: No Man’s Sky

Multitools also come in classes , from C (worst), through B-Class to A-Class and S-Class (best). Each player can have a total of three Multi-Tools at the same time.

The cost set by the Multi-Tool Upgrade Station to go from Class C to Class B is 10k nanites; going from B to A is 25k nanites; and from A to S-Class are around 50k nanites. Class S is the level that will make your Multi-Tool shine to its fullest potential.

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Higher classes will grant better and better bonuses, including how many slots they will have initially. The Multi-Tool you start with is the C-Class.


The “Type” of a Multitool's specialization determines the distribution of its bonuses across categories. Mining , Damage Potential e Scan . These can be low, medium or high. For example:

  • Experimental Types have high sweep bonuses, medium to high slots, medium damage output, and medium mining bonuses.
  • The types of rifle usually have medium damage bonuses, medium sweep bonuses, and medium to high slots, as well as always having low mining bonuses.
  • gun types have high mining bonuses, low sweep bonuses, and low to medium slots, plus they always have no damage bonus.
  • The types of aliens have high damage bonuses, medium mining and sweeping bonuses, and medium to high slots.

Each specialization type works best for different playstyles. As long as a weapon is upgraded to S-Class, it can have 24 slots, so this shouldn't be as much of a concern as other factors when deciding which Multi-Tool you'd like to use.


Scan bonuses determine the size of the radius your scanner covers. Damage bonuses increase the amount of damage your weapons with various tools, including the Mining Beam, will deal. Mining bonuses increase mining speed.

One way to increase the Potential  de Hurt of a Multi-tool is to install higher class weapons and upgrade them as much as possible. For example, one of the weapons with the highest damage potential is the Scatter Blaster.


Source: No Mans Sky

Since a Multi-Tool is an S-Class, it can have its number of slots updated to a certain maximum. In this way, the player can have more inventory space for companion units , add more functions and update modules and install other technologies.

The player can purchase more inventory slots using units, again, at a Multi-Tool Upgrade Console, also called a Multi-Tool Upgrade Station, located on space stations.


There are technological improvements that can be added to a Multi-Tool that affect some of its main functions. These are the different technologies that can be installed:

  • Advanced Mining Laser
  • Amplified Cartridges
  • Analysis viewer (installed on purchased multi-tools)
  • animus beam
  • barrel ionizer
  • Blaze Javelin
  • Boltcaster
  • Boltcaster Ricochet
  • Boltcaster SM
  • combat scope
  • Geology Cannon
  • Incinerator
  • mass accelerator
  • Mining Beam (installed on purchased Multi-Tools)
  • Optical Drill
  • Personal Force Field
  • Plasma Launcher
  • Plasma resonator
  • pulse spitter
  • Pulse Spitter Ricochet
  • Scanner (installed on purchased Multi-Tools)
  • Scatter Blaster
  • shell lubricator
  • Sunbeam
  • Search device (useful for hotspots)
  • terrain manipulator

Players have a wide range of options to choose from. Each of them has various upgrades (called modules) that the player can add depending on the class, but the maximum number of modules/upgrades that can be added to a Multi-Tool per function is three , so choose well. Roles that can be upgraded include weapons technicians, scanner and mining ray.


Upgrade modules for your multi-tool can be found at space stations, at trading posts and purchased directly from tech merchants with nanites. You can also find them in Outposts. These are the upgrade modules available in the game:

  • Scanner:  updates to this feature increase the scan radius  or provide more units for flora and fauna scanning .
  • Mining Beam: This module has four bonuses: Mining Speed (which increases the damage that the Mining Beam does to minerals and flora); heat dispersion (which slows the rate at which the Mining Beam generates heat); fuel efficiency (charge drain decreases); Overheat downtime (Mining Beam cooldown rate decreases).
  • Boltcaster: This upgrade module can provide six different bonuses for your Multi-Tool. Are they: clip size (you will be able to shoot longer before you need to reload); Hurt (each shot will do more damage); Rate of shot (decreases the time between shots); Time to reload (you will reload new clips in Boltcaster faster); Burst Cool down (decreases the time between each sequence of photos); Shots Per Burst (you will take more pictures per burst).
  • Blaze Javelin: Updates to this technology can give you the following bonuses: Time to Full Power (the time needed to reach full damage will be reduced); Hurt (Multi-tool will do more damage).
  • Spitter the pulse: With the Pulse Spitter update, you can enjoy at least one of these bonuses: clip size (allows the Pulse Spitter to have more than 80 shots); Best fire rates , recharge times slower and more damage.
  • Scatter Blaster:  Upgrades to this technology may provide Damage, Cooldown, Rate of Fire, Clip Size e Improved Explosion Cooldown .
  • Plasma Launcher: With this module, your Multi-Tool will cause more damage , will have a blast radius better one projectile speed improved and a jumping potential better .
  • Geology Cannon: This module improves damage of multi-tool , Blast Radius e Projectile Velocity .
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