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    Nintendo wants to know what fans think of Mario

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    Source: Nintendo

    Mario is finally free from his 35th birthday celebrations and Nintendo is eager to know where players are now on his mustache mascot.

    Mario it's had quite a year, but the celebrations for its 35th anniversary finally ended at the end of March. Fans were able to relive the golden days of the mustachioed plumber's first ventures in three dimensions, compete against each other in what could have been a first in the coveted platform/battle royale genre, and more, but the Nintendo is clearly a little anxious about whether it exaggerated a bit.

    The celebrations officially ended on March 31, when Nintendo removed Super Mario 3D All-Stars e  Super Mario Bros. 35 of its online store, something that attracted some outcry from the fan base, many of whom were opposed to the idea of ​​time releases in a digital medium. 

    Source: Nintendo

    Between that and the complaints of tiredness from Mario From other voices in the community, Nintendo appears to have decided to try to get the terrain set up, according to a survey sent to members of the My Nintendo this week.

    The user Twitter Akfamilyhome was the first to highlight the survey question: “How does participation in the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. influenced your perception of Mario?” The question offers five possible answers, ranging from wild (“I never cared about Mario”) to corny (“I love Mario even more”). 

    Perhaps the most identifiable choice for anyone answering the question in the year 2021 is the tiresome and somewhat recriminating "I'm tired of Mario right now".

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    The phrase "I don't care about Mario anymore" also generated a lot of laughs on Twitter, with many people comparing it to a joke by the late Jessica Walter in  Arrested Development  or adding the quote to several photos of Mario's discarded toys. 

    In short, it seems that people across the spectrum of Mario appreciation are joining forces to be wiser about the bizarrely phrased question.

    For all the chuckles, however, the research actually serves a purpose, as Akfamilyhome points in a follow-up Tweet. 

    It's mostly about the My Nintendo quests, but "they ask for opinions about the anniversary event at the end, so this is a good opportunity to let them know what you think." The point raised is a good one: if respondents are suffering from an overabundance of Mario in their diet or are offended by the disappearance of  Super Mario 3D All Stars from the eShop, this provides a sort of hotline for Nintendo to resolve these issues.

    Fans who are still looking for more Mario to fill the void have a healthy variety to choose from. Super Mario Party recently received an update that improves its online multiplayer, while the  Mario Kart Tour is due to host a new event in early May. 

    Those wanting a Mario 3D All Stars re-release, however, should keep an eye on their inbox and let Nintendo know exactly how they feel about their favorite mascot.

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