Nintendo reveals Game Builder Garage, a game about programming

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A Nintendo announced a new game Switch designed to teach players the basics of programming.

Game builder garage launches June 11 for $29,99 and features a series of interactive lessons that explain how programming works. As the player progresses through the lessons, he learns the various techniques he needs to help him make his own games.

The classes involve small creatures called Nodon, each representing different programming elements, objects, buttons, music, textures, counters, effects, and so on.

By learning what each Nodon does, players develop the ability to use the Nodon's visual programming language. software to create your own games.

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In addition to the lessons, the Game builder garage also features a free programming mode where players can use the skills they've learned to program their own creations. Players can switch between the programming screen and the game screen to test their work as they create it.

Source: Nintendo

Players can also share their created games with others. This can be done via local wireless connection or by uploading the game to the Nintendo, at which point the game will receive a unique code that can be shared with others (similar to Dream Addresses in Animal Crossing: New Horizons ).

While the game supports both the Joy-Con controller and the Pro Controller, Nintendo says players can also plug a USB mouse into the Switch's dock and use it instead.

Game builder garage is Nintendo's latest effort to teach gamers programming. Your product line Labo included a mode Toy-Con Garage, where players could make their own creations using rudimentary programming techniques.

In 2009, Nintendo released WarioWare DIY, a title for DS that taught players how to make their own minigames, from programming the rules to creating the graphics and music. Game Builder Garage seems to be an evolution of that.

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