Nintendo: It's planning a 'small Labo announcement before the end of the product line'

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the product range Nintendo Labo to Switch can be discontinued.

The Toys to Life range, launched in 2018, is a “make, play and discover experiences” line that combines creations in cardboard and other materials with Switch hardware and software.

As noted by the user Twitter Akfamilyhome, the official Labo North American website now redirects to the normal Kit Labo VR store page.

"I think it's safe to say we won't see more Labo in the future," they speculated, prompting a response from the well-known Nintendo insider, Emily Rogers, which has a history of leaking accurate information about the company.

"Hey, we'll have one more little announcement before Labo rides into the sunset", said Rogers.

Eh, we'll get one more tiny announcement before Labo rides off into the sunset.

— Emily Rogers (@ArcadeGirl64) April 15, 2021

The VGC contacted Nintendo for comment on this story.

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April 1th 2022

Nintendo of America's Labo VR Kit page notes that the product is still available at Target, but has sold out at GameStop, the only other retailer the platform's owner recommends.

While Nintendo UK's Labo website is still packed with resources, providing an overview of a wide range of products, all Labo kits listed on their online store are currently out of stock.

Several Labo kits are still available from Amazon UK and US stores.

Source: Nintendo

Nintendo Labo kits sold over a million units by the end of 2018. While this statistic seems modest compared to the company's other sales figures, it insisted that Labo should be viewed differently from traditional video games.

Nintendo President Shuntarp Furukawa said during a financial results briefing in January 2019: “Prior to the launch of the first kits last April, we expected sales and consumer reception to be different from traditional video games like Mario or Zelda.

“Nintendo Labo has been incorporated into the classrooms of 100 elementary schools across the United States and has received awards and recognition from various national and international media, in toy categories and other general consumer product experiences.

“So, as we expected, it looks like Nintendo Labo has been accepted by our consumers differently than traditional video games.”

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