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    Nintendo announces the Switch OLED, a new version of the console

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    After a lot of rumors, and anticipation from a good part of the Nintendo community, a new version of the Switch has been announced that will be released on October 8, along with Metroid Dread. Called the OLED Switch, the console does not bring great differences, but it may attract those who were thinking of acquiring one.

    Its main improvement is the OLED screen, which in this version is 7 inches instead of the original's 6,2 inches and is capable of reproducing more vivid colors and better contrast. There will also be improved speakers and an increase in internal storage space to 64 GB.

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    The support that allows the Switch to be supported out of the dock was another that underwent changes, with modification in the placement angles. The base of the console has undergone a slight change, as it will now have a LAN port and can be connected by ethernet cable to a network. The new dock can be used to connect the Switch from its old version without any problem, being a good alternative for those who play online.

    The new Switch comes in the unprecedented white color, but can also be found in the original black version with the red/blue JoyCons. The price of this model will be 350 dollars (50 dollars more than the predecessor). In Spain, the console is only expected to arrive in 2022, with no concrete date or suggested price yet.

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