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The New World Unsolved Mysteries quest has players looking for clues in two locations, and this guide details their precise positions.

The Unsolved Mysteries quest in N is offered by an NPC named Gladis Bond, and features two main tasks. 

Both tasks revolve around finding clues, and players will need to visit Clearwater Bend and Campbell's Rest before all is said and done. for fans of N who may be having trouble finding clues in any of these locations, this guide is here to provide assistance.

New World: Investigate the curve of Clearwater for clues to the fate of the inhabitants

For starters, Clearwater Bend is located in Millberry Hills, just north of Northfork, and the clues can be found in a box in front of one of the houses there. 

More specifically, New World players should be on the lookout for a shiny piece of paper, and they'll find it's titled "Retreating to Safety" upon approaching it. Once a fan finds this document, they should simply press the entry that appears on the screen to read it and complete the first step of the quest.

New World: Investigate Campbell's Rest for clues to the fate of the inhabitants

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Regarding the position of Campbell's Rest, it is also close to Millberry Hills on the New World map, although it is slightly east of Clearwater Bend. 

It is recommended that players use the road to approach this location from the southwest, and they should enter the first house on their left. Fans must then go upstairs to the house and the clues, which are shaped like a document called “Standing Our Ground”, are on a table on the top floor.

At this point, players will be ready to return to Gladis Bond in First Light Hamlet, complete the Unsolved Mysteries quest, and collect the associated rewards. 

These rewards are 840 XP, 77 Coins, 250 Standing, and 20 Azoth in New World, and while it would be nice to receive something like a piece of gear, these are reasonable rewards considering the mission's relatively low difficulty level.

To note, players will likely visit the area around Clearwater Bend and Campbell's Rest again as they continue their journeys through Aeternum. 

In fact, the Truth and Consequences mission in New World will send fans there specifically, and once again they'll be looking for some clues. So it's worth familiarizing yourself with this part of the map during Unsolved Mysteries, as it will make the return trips smoother.

New World me is available for PC.

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