New World of Warcraft board game launches on Kickstarter

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You might be getting another way to play World of Warcraft in tabletop form. Blizzard has teamed up with Game Vaults, a tabletop game maker, to launch an edition of World of Warcraft on Kickstarter.

The way it is played is simple. Player one is known as The Vaulter and commands four game pieces, while player two controls 20 pieces as The Blocker. If the Vaulter takes five of their 20 pieces, they win. However, if the blocker involves four of your parts, they will win if you cannot move or jump to an adjacent free space.

Game Vaults come with a play area that sits more than four inches higher than the table surface, with some play spaces reaching eight inches in select areas, giving you something to ponder as you try to defeat your opponent. In addition, seven special game spaces make a total of 25 playable slots on a Game Vault playing surface.

If you want more information about how the board game works, you can check out the video below:

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April 1th 2022

Game Vaults: World of Warcraft currently has three tiers that you can commit to: a master edition that comes with the basics, a limited edition limited to 1.000 sets that includes a master edition and a random pre-production sprue of a part of the game. game and an Onyx Edition that comes with a set of Core games painted in shades of black to make things more complex. You will also receive 20 additional abomination figures.

The asymmetrical tabletop game also comes with a plethora of beautifully designed creatures and characters that you will recognize. Kickstart ends on July 27, 2021, so you have over a month to purchase if you wish.

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