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For players looking to level up their camps in c, this guide has what you need!

O New World  already has a reputation for lacking available travel options, but one way to mitigate the lack of mounts, ships, or flying machines is to build a Camp and use it as a character spawn point. 

The camps in  N  they are also useful places to rest, make crafts or cook. However, what exactly a player can do in a camp they have built depends on the level of the camp they can build.

The video below shows in detail how to level up your camp! 🔥🔥🔥

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Much of the leveling in the New World, whether for weapons, armor, or crafting skills, happens without the help of a trainer or a quest chain. That's not the case when it comes to Camp updates. There are quests associated with other crafting or harvesting skill levels, but they are not required to continue progress.

Fortunately, the quests to upgrade the camp are PvE in nature and can often be completed alone. The protocol for upgrading a camp in Aeternum doesn't just depend on completing certain quests, but needs to be unlocked before the character can begin.

Revealing the skill of the camp

New players have to finish a quest given by an NPC in a nearby settlement, and they can be one of four different people depending on which of the four starting areas they shipwreck in. This can be one of four locations; First Light , everfall , Monarch's Bluffs ou windsward , and the quest is available in some form in all these locations.

It's easy to find this NPC. They're close to downtown, have "Survivalist" in the title, and act like Jeremiah Johnson with a bad attitude. 

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Your quest will include harvesting some sort of resource, likely meat or basic travel rations, or killing troublesome animals for the good of the settlement. Once completed, they will give the character the ability to build a Level One Camp basic.

Updating the Camp

This process is repeated as the character advances and visits new settlements. each village in New Wold has a corresponding level, and that level correlates with a character's level and the type of camp they can build.

The beginning settlements, which cover levels between 1 to 15, have quests that can take the player's camp skill to Tier I. . After that point, it's a specific NPC in a certain city, rather than one conveniently located in every city of the same level, so players usually have to travel to get there, which is the point.

  • Level II. After reaching level 15, go to the settlement Monarch Bluffs , talk to an NPC named Bercine Thorton and complete his quest” Friends in Fashion “. She also rewards the player with a nice chunk of gold and extra standing territory.
  • Level III. The character must be at least level 25 to accept this quest,” Animal Instincts , ”De Tosch em Cutlass Keys. Just kill some pesky crocodiles and sneaky wildcats. In return, there's some useful Azoth, gold, territory, and the ability to build a camp. Tier III .
  • Level IV. The mission " Lupin Observations ” is not available until the character reaches level 41. They must travel to Restless Shore and speak with survivor Rilette Wilson so she can tell the dramatic story of the fearsome Fangsnap and how he must be defeated so the player can learn to build a camp. Tier IV .
  • Tier V. Few players can reach the far edengrove , but if they reach level 50 and walk to the settlement, they can speak to Survivor Resident Derick Wardell to get the next and final Camp Upgrade Quest. Fading Lights requires players to defeat ten Ancient Guardians in the ruins of Pavo.

Why upgrade?

Fields can be used for spawn points upon death and to do some basic work even at the lowest level, so not all players will find it necessary to upgrade depending on the type of game they choose to play. 

However, for characters who spend more time traveling, participating in PvP activities in secluded areas, or prefer to stay outside villages to gather resources, it's worth upgrading a camp.

An updated camp means a character can make more complicated tools, weapons, and food without having to go into town and use a workshop or kitchen. That means more time to get to what's really important, which means more hunting, killing and gathering.

O New Wold is currently available for PC.

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